What Omar Know about Bitcoin Cash ? Interview

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This morning that question come to my mind : can bitcoin cash change people life ? So I have posted a short noise about it asking members about . But I am lucky I get inspired by mr@omar thoughts about his experience with bitcoin cash

Here is Profile and all you know it.


I can tell you it already changed mine. I became passionate about it, and I spend a lot of time trying to support it. I don't consider it as just an investment.

In fact, every time I look at other cryptos, for "diversification", I go back to Bitcoin Cash.

I find that it is the only one that keeps the original Bitcoin mission and continues to support the values of personal freedom, peer-to-peer free exchange, and privacy.

Other cryptos are either centralized (backed by companies or central authorities, or are meme coins.

As for changing a poor person to wealth, it did not happen yet for me :)

I am hoping that with time, the best coins will win and utility will be reflected in the price, just like in the early 2000's with the internet companies. The best ones survived and thrived and multiplied in price many times.

@omar when did that passion start @omar ? do you remember when and what are you working in before that ?

I started in Bitcoin in 2015. Initially in BTC, and in August 2017 moved to Bitcoin Cash!

Since then, I have been buying BCH every time I am able to..

That is the same as Roger Ver .. This is my remark.

That is the beginning of bitcoin cash birth ? and what is your investment in BCH ? the amount you buy I mean and did you make a profit at that period ?

I will not disclose the amount.

I made some profit since then, but definitely much less than others who invested in BTC or other cryptos.

BCH has been an under-performer in terms of the price. I believe it still has high value, low price.

That what we want now , the truth . at that time , you are right . so why not change to other crypto ? Do you have short , medium , long term goals with bitcoin cash ? Really that is important.

This is turning into an interview 😄

Why change to other crypto? As I said, I considered that, but I always go back to BCH.

It didn't change and I am still convinced, so why leave?

By goals, do you mean price targets?

Yes mean that mr Omar . it is really an interview and need as much info as possible. 😄

Price targets are very difficult. I don't really know.

BTC is much less useful for transactions and it is valued a lot more now.

The market is not fair or rational, especially in the short term.

What I know, almost for sure, is that the price trend will continue to go up for BCH. It is scarce, there is only 21 million. People all over the world are hearing about it and actually using it. Not just as investment, but are actually using it.

Look at Marc Falzon's videos from St. Kitts, or Jason's videos from Australia, among others..I

My final question : what do you advice people who do not know bitcoin cash yet ? and I am grateful for your patience .

Research, read, watch videos on YouTube...

You might make a lot of money on meme coins or NFT's, but you also can lose it very fast.

It is your money, do whatever you want, but if you want to be wise, you can learn from other's wisdom. I will leave you with these thoughts/quotes:

- Time in the market is more important than timing the market.

- There is a difference between value and price.

- “in the short run, the market is a voting machine… but in the long run, the market is a weighing machine.” - Warren Buffett

I hope you are enjoyed the content. Eager to your ideas . you can find me on noise. Cheers !!!


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It is indeed a good effort in asking a question on BCH. The technology innovation of the cryptocurrency domain is required to be more scalable.

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I enjoyed reading this. Omar seemed to me like an old-timer in crypto, my respect has grown more with this interview. Bitcoin Cash back in 2017 was challenging BTC and there was fierce competition.

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I am grateful you are dropping by @Pantera. Really I was not able to perform that work without omar guidance

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