4 Signs Someone is Gaslighting You

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Gaslighting -the term for when someone manipulates you into doubting your own sanity-is a form of emotional abuse that can be incredibly difficult to spot if it's happening to you. Here are signs to watch out for.

They invalidate your feeling

It's normal for disagreements to cause emotional distress and all parties involved. However, if you find that someone makes a comment such as you're being sensitive or you're so weak, when you express your needs, take it as a possible so find the gas lighting may be involved gas letters.

Gaslighters don't take your emotions and opinions into account because their goal is to mold reality to fit their needs by convincing you that you're, the problem, instead of them to get rid of the need to take accountability for their own.

Misbehavior, is our flaws when facing a gas lighter. Who invalidate your feelings remember, first and foremost, that your feelings are valid, recognize that your capacity to identify and speak out about your emotional needs as a sign of emotional intelligence? Stick to your truth

They make your question yourself and your sanity

Your sanity disagreements have the potential for good. They can help us shift our perspective and broaden what might have been a narrow and limiting thought process

For Gaslighters, however, will not only leave you worse off , but will create feelings of self doubt within that lingers long after the conversation is over notice. How you feel after the conversation, do you feel you have more clarity, or do you feel less sure of yourself and the situation as a whole

Letters can manipulate your perception of yourself by intentionally making hurtful remarks about your intel memory capabilities are competent, which then allows them to brainwash you into thinking. Their perception is more accurate, put a stop to it by either disengaging entirely or by refusing to react to their words and maintaining a strong sense of self.

They intend to make you feel small

Going into a disagreement with a goal of gaining a better understanding or finding clarity can often benefit our relationship. On the other hand, gaslighters trademark purpose is to make you feel small, undervalued and alone you'll, find that their words and phrases are used in malicious ways that can benefit than by keeping you mentally, where they want you to be, and bringing gradual harm to you both mentally and emotionally.

Gaining the upper hand in a conversation with a gas lighter, starts by understanding their behavior from their point of view and knowing their goals and intentions, you more quick lee able to divert the discussion and protect yourself .

You feel anxious about interacting with them

If a relationship is strained enough , you may both begin to feel tense at the thought of interacting with one another. Butt if you start to find yourself walking on the eggshells about a particular person , consider that it might be because of the way they purposefully make you feel negative about yourself when you talk to them.

Summary :

Think about how a gaslighter has negatilvely influenced you in the past , and write down ways in which you had responded instead. So did you find yourself related to any things we've mentioned here ?

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Ok.. I never knew it's called gaslighting, thanks to u cos I now know. We should really beware of gaslighters. This is key! I'm new here and can we connect together

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1 year ago

Thanks for this article. I absolutely feel that some people tend to be gaslighters because they wanted attention, power and fame.

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1 year ago

Wow thank you I learned a lot. I will be much careful now

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1 year ago