But who will build the platform?

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3 years ago

In the Flipstarter introduction, we set ourselves a tight mandate - create a tool that anyone can use to run a voluntary funding campaign. Dealing with the logistics, politics, legal and other issues around running a campaign platform is beyond that mandate and fits better with an ongoing concern such as a business or a non-profit.

Flipstarter could build a platform by fundraising with our own tools and establishing a non-profit or for-profit entity. Alternatively, anyone could get investment to start an organization for it. However, we want to see things moving forward more quickly.

Let us repeat that though - Flipstarter is not running a full fledged platform and therefore is not accepting campaigns at this time. Flipstarter 500k is a special case where we offered to help 6 node projects run separate campaigns. More below:

Do you want to run a fundraising campaign?

Flipstarter will make the campaign system easy to deploy for someone who can deploy a basic website. You will need to wait until we test and release Flipstarter, but you can prepare ahead of time. The current process is four steps:

  • Write a short abstract in markdown format.

  • Write a complete proposal in markdown format. We provided some suggestions on how to write a proposal in a previous article.

  • Optionally update the Flipstarter website template with your own media. This will be available after testing and release.

  • Deploy the Flipstarter website template.

Please let us know if you are thinking about running a campaign. We would like to hear about it and help out if we can.

Do you want to make a fundraising platform?

We have players in the BCH space such as read.cash and others who have proven their ability to run a social media service. It is a big decision but also a big opportunity - one of those teams could relatively quickly create a real, social, fun, sustainable fundraising platform with Flipstarter providing open source funding tools. The timing is right.

Please let us know if you are thinking about setting up a platform. Flipstarter will cooperate with any realistic commitments.

Flipstarter as R&D for funding technology

As for Flipstarter itself, due to generous donations from the community, there is a great opportunity for Flipstarter to develop open source technology for everyone.

  1. Flipstarter develops open source funding tools.

  2. Teams, including Flipstarter, run campaigns using Flipstarter tools.

  3. We communicate about market fit - what works and what does not.

  4. Repeat

After Flipstarter 500k, we will likely run a campaign or two to develop the techniques listed in the introduction article. Especially, we want to develop techniques that have great user experience while remaining non-custodial and trustless. We will apply part of the donations we have received so far as pledges to those campaigns.

Please let us know if you want to develop some of these funding technologies. Flipstarter can help you create a campaign.

Let's talk

Please join us on telegram and have a chat.

If you want to talk privately, please contact:

  • telegram @emergentreasons

  • keybase @emergent_reasons

See you soon with the EatBCH campaign.

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We at read.cash are waiting for the first iteration of 500k sites to arrive to see how it works and what problems we can find and ideas we can use. I'm pretty sure that someone will build a platform (or maybe multiple), maybe us, maybe someone else too. It's just usually better to see the results of a first iteration first and improve on it, rather than try to build multiple first versions.

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