The Trap of Loneliness in Lectures

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Campus life is generally different from life in high school. On campus, we will be faced with more difficult tasks. As a college student, you should carry out your duties properly. You need to complete assignments given by lecturers and other work that is still related to college activities. But, you won't be able to depend on your friends and copy all of your friends' work. Campus demands you to do everything yourself.

In general, having friends on campus is vital both for maintaining relationships related to college activities and friendships just for fun. It will be easier for you to find out important information circulating campus through your friends and also maintain mental health because there is a place where you can joke and discuss anything.

Well, that would be the case if you lead a normal life there. Meanwhile, if you are in a position where you only have a few friends or even none at all, that's quite different. By not having enough friends, we will feel lonely and like living a heavier life. Especially, if we encounter a complicated problem, we don’t know where to ask. This is why you will realize that loneliness can also kill someone without the need for violence or a knife to execute people who are mentally or psychologically ill.

Sometimes, loneliness is the thing that slowly kills your psyche. You'd think it was normal. But, the condition was exacerbated because there was no one to support you. You don't feel that the environment is on your side and you often experience bad luck.


From the explanation above, we take the example that college students who have just entered the campus environment may feel that campus life is fun. But, when someone feels that their struggle isn’t as easy as imagined, that person will experience a negative response that the condition is beyond their expectations. Then, college students experience stress, even depression because no one can help them.

We often get stuck on tasks that require us to complete everything on our own. If there is something that isn’t understood, college students are required to choose to ask the lecturer rather than friends because it can disturb them. Even lecturers cannot always serve students. If you're unlucky, you can't ask anything and don't get support.

The campus also directs its college students to actively interact, discuss and organize. All of these relationships are done so that students aren’t focused only on learning activities. The campus has the principle that college students need to actively gather and organize so that social relations between students are also built.

Most students aren’t interested in participating in campus organization programs because there is no time and they get tired. Although campus organizations aren’t mandatory, This program can train students to be more social and foster good relations with lecturers, campus staff and fellow students.

But, college students are already stuck with activities that are usually required to be carried out, namely doing assignments and getting grades. There is no mission in their head to join the organizational program on campus. So, many of them ignore this program.

Then, there are also causes of loneliness that do not stem from assignments and grades. it happened because the student wanted to reduce the number of unprofitable friends. They think that lazy and stupid college students don't deserve to be on campus and will only be a burden to other college students. There is nothing wrong with this as college students also want to work together profitably.

So, that's campus life that is often felt by college students who feel trapped by loneliness. As for the last words, I would like to express that loneliness isn’t also a matter of the number of people in one location. But, this is due to mental factors, feelings and interactions that occur. For example, let's say that a person has many friends but still feels lonely because the relationships aren’t close. Then, some have few friends but their relationship is more special and closer than those who have more friends.


I think it's enough up to here. Thanks to friends or family who have read this article.

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I've been always so preoccupied during my college days... I think loneliness for me sinked in after graduation.

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