The Comfort of Love In Same Frequency

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There are millions of people on Earth who have unique traits, behaviors from one another. Most of them don't know each other unless we're identifying family or friends whom we have personal contacts on our cellphones and know deeply about. It's God's secret and miracle that he makes almost everything unique. Some of the people are almost the same, but it's just a few that are identified before the differences overwhelm the facts. If you learn about how family DNA is formed, you will know more about who your family is and the characters in it. That's one way to get to know other humans who are near you.ย 

Apart from family, we also feel similarities and differences with friends and our loved ones. We share life stories either happy or sad. Some people looking for friends to share the same fate. Some people get together closely because of the same hobby. Humans are always looking for a habitat where someone will feel valued on the same level. Rich people don't want to hang out and drink with poor people. People who like to play games donโ€™t want to hang out with people who like to read books. As simple as that is the movement of human groups, whether it occurs naturally or not.


In looking for a partner, everyone has their own criteria. This is formed from background experience, idealism towards certain personal expectations and other factors. Let's say that there are women who like men with athletic bodies, but there are also those who don't want to for some reason. There are men who are attracted to smart women, but many men also like ordinary women because they are more obedient to their husbands. So, everyone has a certain reason why they choose one thing over the other.

This is all formed because of comfort and positive energy in the same frequency. If the linkage approach is associated with radio frequency. So, a relationship that isn't compatible with the recipient will be difficult to capture a clear broadcast that can be enjoyed by all people or certain groups. So that, it has a high probability of leaving the broadcast. On the other hand, a clear radio channel that matches the frequency in one area will have the possibility that the broadcast radio receiver enjoys a longer broadcast. So, we analogize the love relationship with an appropriate radio frequency. Frequency match determines comfort in making love to someone.

Sometimes, humans need to be very grateful for God's blessings. Because not all humans get comfortable with love. Some of them are forced to love because of pressure from someone, some of them just want money or some other reason. Therefore, they don't get a comfortable wave of love. The wave of love comes from the formation of frequency or attraction to the same thing. I understand that love isn't science taught in school. But, love is formed when humans are born. So, every human being needs to appreciate whoever comes into our lives so that comfort arises because we have tried to match the frequency with other humans.

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