Money is a Victory that Breaks Boundaries

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As one of the important elements in this world, money becomes a vital subject as a means of payment or transactions that occur in every person and company. People are willing to raise a lot of money to buy anything they want. In addition, money can be used as supremacy over individual wealth. Therefore, whoever has a lot of money, will be respected by many people and it becomes part of everyone's dream to be rich.


To earn money, it is not enough just to work hard without maximizing the investment potential. Therefore, people who are already famous for being rich like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett don't just rely on their energy to get money. They invest everywhere so that they can multiply while making the money work into passive income. In the end, financial freedom can be realized because they have made a passive income system without having to do heavy work. So, here's the simple answer to how rich people make financial systems that work for themselves.

Then, what about the lower class society? this seems to take several stages or several years to produce something big that is as big as the achievements of the successful entrepreneurs above (or even longer if something bad happens). This is what the lower class people need to realize it is difficult for them to win the competition over the money factor. They always lose the fight if the crucial factor that is determined is money.

For example: let's say that you have a woman that you like. As part of the struggle to win her heart, you have a motorbike to take her to travel somewhere and only eat at ordinary restaurants. Meanwhile, your rival has a sports car and invites her into a fancy restaurant. Can you guess which one impressed her and looked more loyal? of course, your rival wins the competition over you. The money factor beats you, so your rivals are above you.


From the above conditions, one needs to make changes in order to win the competition for money. So, what should the lower class people do? at the very least, there were three important stages one had to go through in order to avenge such conditions in the future. So, I will explain these important steps below.

Education or Knowledge

First, society must have access to quality education and knowledge. These two basic things are important and related. Basic education starts from elementary school. Then, continued with junior high school and high school. At least, students who reach the high school level already have a clear plan for the future. But, it isn’t perfect if it doesn’t continue until the college stage. People who successfully graduate from college are considered to have large capital to build something. At least, this is the minimum capital to find a more decent job than far above the average person with only a high school education.

But, back to the money problem faced by the lower classes of society. Not everyone has the money to go to college. Then, this is exacerbated if it only reaches junior high school and elementary school. So, the result of such an education will be less capital to take someone to a higher level. Therefore, third-party assistance (for example, education volunteers) is needed to help accelerate education which is the same as normal education in general. so it is expected that they have the same mindset and knowledge.

Market Selection & See Opportunities

If the basic education or knowledge has been achieved (at least at the high school level), they must choose a market niche or field of work to be prepared. I mean, they have to make a favorable selection of their niche market or field of work. They have to select a niche market that can make more money or a field of work that allows them to earn more money. Don't force a saturated market niche if your product is no longer unique. You must have time to innovate to save your product and potential market. As well as the field of work entered by the applicant. Don't push yourself if you also only have the same standard quality as a thousand other applicants.

For example, let's say you apply for a job as a personal driver. A typical personal driver only understands how to drive a car and understands routes on the roads in the city. Meanwhile, there are a small number of private drivers who can also become car mechanics and know a lot about car problems. Thus, this benefits car owners because they can save money and go to the service center less often (although it is possible for a personal driver to get paid above average).

Create an Organized Personal Investment System

The next plan is when you have a business that has a large income, then there is always income or you already have a job that pays above average and has stable finances. In this condition, you should think that it is time to make a profit from the investment. You will not do business or work continuously because human productivity can decrease due to age or disease. So, the need for investment is made not just a matter of doubling the money. But, it is also related to well-being and saves people from stress, frustration and other health problems that may arise when the impact of work makes the body condition worse.


So, your next plan is to invest in something where it has an impact in the short, medium and long term. An investment can consist of any instrument. If you are afraid of holding money and don't know how to invest properly, you can choose mutual funds. If you are an aggressive type of investor, wanting to get big returns in the long term, you can choose stocks as an investment instrument. Then, there are a number of investors who just want to play it safe in the instruments of property and gold. Whatever your investment choice, you have to think wisely in putting money. In the end, you managed to make a passive income system that works for you. So, no more hard work is needed because your investment is enough to pay you passively.


Those are the stages to be able to match the level of the famous entrepreneur above. So, you can reach the level of high society. At this peak stage, you can buy whatever you want and that includes winning the competition against your rivals. So, your money can benefit your situation and break existing boundaries.

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