If Ants Seek Your Presence

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In everyday life, we never predict what will happen to us. While relaxing or chatting with nature and you sit under a tree, suddenly ants come to you and give you a "welcome" sting. Then from that sting, you will be surprised because you are stung in a part of the body that looks like a static electric shock (depending on the type of ant and your response). You can feel the impact of the bite for several minutes to days (if the ant is bigger and the sting is sharper). 

Then other effects, your skin is also reddened to the point where it could blister and make sufferers. You can’t underestimate this bite because if it gets worse, you should go to the doctor for further treatment. It's dangerous, right? Therefore, their presence can’t be ignored.

We must be aware of their presence even though it looks small. Ants are difficult to predict through sight or hearing because of their small bodies. Humans can only feel through the sense of skin contact. To be sure, the simple reason they bite humans is that they feel threatened by the presence of other creatures. Even if humans don't bother them, the ants think we are a real threat because we are so big compared to an ant colony that can only be measured by a toe (in fact, it's still smaller).

But, there is also another possibility if they approach us. Let’s say that they think there is a sweet-smelling food scent in the bag, they can detect it. Then, the ants try to secure it and some ants are trying to attack to defend the food that has been obtained.

A dermatologist named Dr. John Anthony from the Cleveland Clinic revealed that ants will defend themselves with two processes. First, they use the bite. Then, it was followed by a jolt that was like static electricity for a few seconds. Inside the sting too, they deliver piperidine poison which gives the effect of red rashes on the skin. In more severe cases, piperidine can give shortness of breath to sufferers who are bitten. Thus, the sting of the ant can’t be underestimated (specifically, red ants).

The first aid that can be given if you get stung is to give pain relievers to the skin, rash relievers on the skin and apply cold water compresses to the skin. If it can't be cured or even if everything gets worse, you can consult with the doctor closest to your location. So, don't ever feel like you're okay and try to downplay the fact that it's a tiny ant. We never know what poison or what impact the ants have on the sufferer.

One thing is for sure, we don't have to strike back if the ants don't bother us. They are also creatures that have a life of their own. The ants have difficulties fighting for their lives because their bodies are very small. 

They could have been stepped on by shoes without any screaming sound that we know or they could have drowned while we were flushing water in the bathroom. If ants could talk, maybe they would be very angry at humans who treated them so carelessly. Maybe, it's time for us to appreciate the life of other creatures because they also deserve to be on earth that has been created by God.

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