Combating Mental Chaos & Overthinking

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We live in an era where all important things we have to think about. Starting from day-to-day planning, big steps that we wanted and thinking about moments that might be unexpected. Unfortunately, human thought tends to focus on the unexpected because it cannot be described or predicted.

Is anyone worried about “what if some countries trigger war and the era of world war returns again?”. Oh, this is a scary thing or this is something that cannot be described. But, no human being knows the future. “Does anyone know that tomorrow is the end of the world and not a part of the 2012 movie?”. Something like this is also indescribable. This is natural because humans focus on something they don't know and try to find the real facts.

This is what causes someone (even ourselves) to experience excessive overthinking of something. Ranging from family problems, friendships, occupation, romantic life and others. Let's say the commotion between your parents makes you mentally confused or losing your job makes you think all the time about how you eat and think about other needs. Whether you are ready or not, this is a fact that often happens.

Then, the only thing that can be done is just turn this anxiety into something certain or predictable. However, keep in mind that not everything can be solved easily. If you don't really find a solution, you're just getting stuck in the overthinking zone. In the end, someone has a mental illness (in this case a disease like OCD) where we really have a disorder that makes the brain unable to organize our activities properly. This OCD will make a person stuck on one problem and unable to move on to other activities because they are thinking about the same or previous things over and over again.

Then, what do we need to do? The first time, we must ensure that our brain, psychological and mental performance consciously that we take action and plan for something at a level that is still normal. If you have any doubts or something worse is happening, you should visit a doctor or psychologist. They will examine you in more detail if that happens.

If you feel overthinking where it is still in a normal condition, you can still apply the solutions and try them on yourself. There are several things you can do. I will explain below:


Relax or Sleep 

If you have a heavy load on your head, it's time you take a break or sleep. No matter how far off your goal is, if you feel the pain you won't be able to do anything productively. Taking vacations is also part of restoring your health and productivity. There is no specific time limit for taking a vacation. So, if you feel you need a lot of rest, you can take a long vacation. If you are fresh again, you can rethink past problems.

Do Something New

Forget the problems that you feel and you should try new things to forget the problem temporarily. For example, you can go to a place that you've never been, you can play an instrument that you've never played, meet new friends, be creative through new food ideas and other things. So, you need to manipulate your brain to change. It also expands your knowledge of something new even a new world that you have never tried. So, a new mindset can stimulate you to develop into a better human being.


Do Something Positive and Better

Without you knowing it, overthinking makes your life schedule chaotic. You need to rearrange your time to do any activity and must consistently do positive things. You can make time management for your needs either in ordinary notes or you can write on computer application programs, smartphones such as Note, Evernote, Microsoft Office, WPS Office and etc. If the plan is calculated in large numbers, you need to use Microsoft Excel calculations and similar applications. But, don't let that planning create new overthinking problems. If possible, make it simple and easy to understand for yourself.

So, here's the problem of overthinking that we have to solve. No problem is easy when it comes to humans and psychology. At least, humans can still have empathy for other humans.

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Man is surrounded by lots of miseries and problems that are not letting his mind relax for awhile. Trying to do new things and taking break or sleep are best way to relax the mind. Overthinking of us made our life more hard than it is actually

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1 year ago

Yeah, true. Thanks for your comment.

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