Challenge Myself to Conquer The Mystery

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1 year ago

It feels like there are many parts of this world that I have never explored. Many places that might be more fun if I was there. But, there is another possibility that it will be scary. Most likely, I don't know and it looks like I need some exploration to answer that. For example, if I want to go all the way to a fun place, I'll probably go to Bangkok where it's a familiar place for traveling. Even Europeans visit Thailand (especially Bangkok or Pattaya) because the things there are sold cheaply.

But, it provided no additional knowledge and challenge for me because it doesn’t offer a challenging adventure and has a mystery to solve. As part of an exploration that I have explored on my own, I once traveled by car with an unusual route (for more details, you can see it here: Find Hidden Gems When Travelling to Village). So, I followed an unusual road that I've been on because I wanted to feel a bit of the sensation of adventuring through a road that not many people use when “mudik tradition” has arrived.


So, from that story, I enjoyed the sensation of a different road. There are pleasant things, such as views of mountains and rice fields that I did not expect that the route offered a beauty that I had never seen. But, I also get the thrill of going through a bit of a deserted forest area where I don't want to be stuck in the forest area for a long time because the view of the big trees around the road is scary. It's that kind of thing that gives me an added impression. So, I feel challenged to do that.

I also have a dream to visit other places with a different sense of mystery. There are still many mysteries in other places that I want to feel the warmth of the phenomenon. I want to feel a different sensation in that place. For example, do you know Area 51 in Nevada? well, this place is dominated by dry land, has no trees and houses. This area is a forbidden place to visit in the United States which has a lot of controversy and mystery in it. Then, this makes people curious (including me) about the mysteries that exist within the area. Until the time comes, there is a group of people who want to invade area 51 known as the “Naruto Runner”. In the end, this method failed and United States military secrets were kept under control.


Nothing can be revealed except to unlock the mystery. So, there is a sense of disappointment because this is difficult to express. However, human soul feels relieved and feels smarter than other humans for knowing the mysteries earlier. This is an advantage we take from the mystery event. Just imagine if you are a cartoon character like Mr. Plankton in the "Spongebob Squarepants" series. How would you feel if you managed to steal the secret recipe from the Krusty Krab? of course, you can make your restaurant better in terms of food quality and beat your competitors. So, it is a proud thing if people have an advantage over the other.


Besides wanting to be better than others, uncovering mysteries is also part of training mentally. We know that mystery is scary because people don't know what will happen. The more we unlock the mystery step by step, the truth will be revealed. Often occurs in suspenseful films or events in true stories of murders with mysterious killers. At this level, we need to think logically to know the truth and facts.

So, I like mysterious things because I want to know more than others and strengthen my mentality. Something you believe will not be revealed if you don’t check the truth thoroughly. People have to see with their own eyes if they feel challenged by mystery and want to reveal something properly.

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I'm this that's always eager to know mysterious things especially from the spirit world. One mystery can turn a man into a wonder

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Exploring something you've never explored is interesting. haha

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