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Warcraft III: Refunded?

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4 months ago

Oof. It's not going good for Blizzard.

First the scandal around Hong Kong and Hearthstone and now they tried to sell a 10 year old game as "new" when in fact they did not change much

The outrcy is huge, and honestly, I've never seen such a bad metacritic rating...


Yep, you're reading this right.

It's a 0.8 User Score based on 6264 Ratings. Abysmal!

Good thing is that this time the fans and paying customers are hitting them hard.

What do you think? Is this a damn money grab, or a legit release?

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Anything will be resold. Better to get something in return than completely scammed. Simple but nice post.

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4 weeks ago

The price is bad! The game is still good! :0)

At $9.99, even $15, ok!

It is the disappointment which makes them note so. Comparing the two versions in real time is not at all the same thing. Did people think they had a redesign with a completely modern game engine? It was a mistake to hope for that.

Well, yes a little carrot anyway, but the game is good! haha

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4 months ago

love the game, hate the studio :)

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4 months ago