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Incognito to add DAI/cDAI DeFi Dark Pool

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4 months ago

Originally posted on my Steem Blog

Awesome news for privacy friends!

I was researching incognito today, it's a non-traceable PoS based chain, offering several cryptocurrencies via sidechain, and an integrated DEX/Liquitidy Pool.

I asked them via twitter if they could integrate compound Dai (cDAI), to offer a privacy focused DeFi Pool. And the developer delivered :)


By adding your cDAI you can move it around and trade it in an untraceable (DYOR!) scheme.

Be Careful

Until cDAI is verified with a green badge on your incognito wallet, make sure to ALWAYS verify the contract by clicking on it in coin data before you deposit.

Official cDAI Contract:

Happy compounding!

By The Way

You can earn exchange fees for providing liquidity in the in-built DEX (soon)!


  • Desktop Wallet

  • Native TOR connection

  • P2P exchange integrated + encrypted messenger

  • Add pBCH :)

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Written by   5
4 months ago
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