US at war again

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Ukraine is a nice proxy war for the US against Russia, just after pulling out of 20 years of killing in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The sad unfortunate truth is US politicians and defense companies with Zelenskyy are using the Ukraine people as disposable fodder to profit from wartime weapons contracts and kickbacks, profiteering off Ukrainian kids dying.

Zelenskyy, a comedian, has sold out all of Ukraine and it's people, and Ukraine will forever be a puppet of US (there is no such things as 'military aid', it is all debt that US will never forgive). Ukrainian kids will be rounded up for future US wars. Ironically he says he fights for freedom!

Contrary to western media, US started the war

  1. The Maidan coup in 2014, with CIA overthrowing the elected government (which of course is repeatedly does around the world), and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. They installed Zelenskyy, who is a comedian by trade (the US must have been laughing while doing that). This puts in place the US puppet for war.

  2. At the direction of US, Zelenskyy rejected and pulled out of Minsk Agreement, and continued genocide of Russians in eastern Ukraine using the Nazi Battalion of Azov Regiment. The war against ethnic Russians in Donbass has killed 14,200 people, and has displaced 1.5 million.

  3. Zelenskyy refused to talk to or negotiate with Russia, and traveled to US to meet Biden. There is no record of this secret meeting, assumed to get secret NATO membership and orders for war preparations.

Of course the US knew this would trigger the Russian response, since they purposely crossed 3 Russian red lines then refused to talk. Of course they pretend this is 'unprovoked' war by Russia! They even wrote that NATO expansion to Ukraine will trigger the war.

A small proportion of the world population supports the US war, including the largest populations centers of China, and India. And of course Israel refuses due to Ukraine using Nazi battalions. The only countries actively supporting the war are the usual US and it's 5-eyes proxies UK, Australia, Canada. Europe is divided, with the traditional neo-nazi countries supplying weapons to Ukraine like Germany and Italy.

Zelenskyy immediately rejects all calls for peace and ceasefires

Why would a rational person as leader of a country reject all negotiations, ceasefire and peace proposals, while blocking all males from the leaving the country, and forcing them all into the military knowing majority will die or wounded? Money, racism and insanity.

Zelensky rejects Africa's peace plan

Zelenskyy rejects China's peace plan

Zelenskyy rejects all peace plans

Zelenskyy rejects Elon's peace plan!

Of US, UK offer no peace plan, and US and UK dictate all peace rejections to Zelenskyy as puppet.

Zelenskyy unbelievably puts profits ahead of his country and people. He even talks about 'reconstruction' funds, the next phase of his plan to siphon money in kickbacks from the country in the post war reconstruction phase. Ukraine is known all over Europe to be hopelessly corrupt.

Ukraine is already now forever a vassal of US. Every weapon provided, all so called 'aid' is all via loans to be paid back at high interest.

Zelenskyy ready with the fascism playbook

Zelenskyy was ready with his US action plan:

  1. Zelenskyy nationalizes TV

  2. Zelenskyy bans TV channels

  3. Zelenskyy banned 11 opposition parties

  4. Zelenskyy revoked use or teaching of minority languages including Russian (30% of Ukraine is Russian speaking)

  5. Zelenskyy banned all future elections, he is now sole dictator with no elections

  6. Zellensky purged Russians and political opponents

  7. Zellensky banned Russian Books and Papers to control the narrative

  8. Zellensky loves the Nazi Azov Battalion, battalions wearing Nazi insignias, assassinating Russian prisoners, marching into ethnic Russian towns in Eastern Ukraine for ethnic cleansing by far right Nazis

  9. Zellensky immediately banned all males from leaving Ukraine overnight with no forewarning, and forced all males in a forced draft into the military. Western propaganda says they are 'volunteers'.

Unfortunately all these kids dying for Ukraine. Politicians tell them they are heroes to die for the country, when they are just dying for politicians making money. Just like the Vietnam war. The Azov Nazis are told they are heroes by the west too.

Why would a leader of their own country desperately seek war, not seek to stop the war, displacing millions of his own people, and killing of hundreds of thousands by forcing them into the military? Just war profiteering.

US government funds Nazi Azov Battalion every year, "House-passed spending bills for the past three years have included a ban on U.S. aid to Ukraine from going to the Azov Battalion, but the provision was stripped out before final passage each year."

"The Azov movement was established in May 2014 during the Donbas crisis to sustain Ukrainian control over Eastern Ukraine. Initially known as the “Black Corps,” it was a paramilitary unit of radical nationalists. Scholars suggested that the name “Black Corps” was itself a reference to the official German Schutzstaffel (SS) periodical published in 1935-1944 (Das Schwarze Korps)."

"with recognizable Nazi paraphernalia (a swastika, a sun wheel, a Black Sun, and a Wolfsangel"

"are ultra-nationalists and accused of harbouring neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideology."

History repeats as usual

Of course those of us old enough knew this was coming based on history, we have 80 years of US colonialism and tens of thousands of US war crimes.

US overthrows democracies all the time to install their puppets, this is nothing new.

US uses it's proxies to 'draft' (to forcefully round up males into the US military command) so it doesn't have to use Americans. US exposed 27 million people for forced conscription for the Vietnam war. The Government picks your out in a 'lottery', takes you from your home, gives you weapons and sends you to vietnam...where you kill and end up with horrific injuries or won!

In Australia, the US/UK had to overthrow the elected prime minister of Australia to install their own who would say yes to rounding up Australian kids by force with no vote. Whitlam was replaced by the Queen, who installed the person they wanted. So much for democracy! Then the brought in a forced Vietnam draft by lottery, picking and pulling kids directly out of homes by force to ship them to commit war crimes under US command in a faked war.

US dropped more bombs than whole of world war 2 on Vietnam and surrounding countries. The CIA dropped 2 million cluster bombs on Laos alone. The used napalm to try to burn every living woman, child and plant, cluster bombs, then tried chemical warfare, Agent Orange and Agent Blue chemical weapons to try to poison every living woman, child and plant in Vietnam and surrounding countries. All this was for war profiteering by Politicians and cocaine smuggling by the CIA. The bombs still killing children today, the chemicals still in the rivers and soil (notice why Vietnam fish is so cheap??).

"The US Chemical Warfare Service added rubber to the gasoline to produce a jelly mixture which would burn longer, would be harder to put out and would stick to the victim, causing fatal injuries."

Of course, this is most famous for burning children to death in villages.

The US has no bottom line on brutality, using cluster bombs including 25% of all bombs dropped on Iraq and Kuwait, and depleted Uranium shells purposely in Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, intentionally to cause the worse effects possible, including generations of deformed babies.

US war in Vietnam, Iraq war 1, Iraq war 2, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan are all completely illegal faked wars and genocides, purely so US Politicians can engage in profiteering of weapons programs funded by tax payers, and of course control the oil and budgets of those countries at the New York Fed (Colonialism 101). Millions of civilians dead for no reason in horrific war crimes and genocides, many killed in wedding parties, funerals, or just at home with kids for no reason, no charges, no trial, no evidence of wrong doing.

US carefully expanding and prolonging the war for profits

The US CIA are constantly talks with Russia FSB carefully calibrate the war ensuring it does not end, balancing the Ukraine strength with Russian to maximize profiteering from death. The longer the war, the more profits, not even one regard for Ukrainian lives or the millions of displaced Ukrainians.

The shocking statement "This is a very difficult fight, it is a very violent fight and it will likely take a considerable amount of time and at high cost" by Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff shows the complete disregard for life or logic. He wants kids to die inch by inch to keep US weapons flowing.

He is directly saying that he is happy that 100,000 more Ukrainian males (forcefully put into the military overnight) will die over many years as a direct result of his actions. These people are insane. Of course the war can end any time, but they want war profits over this.

US with Ukraine is carefully expanding and prolonging the war, blowing up Nord Stream pipeline (a war crime), blowing up a dam to stop then Kakhovka Dam to prevent fresh water getting to Crimea (a war crime), then Kerch Bridge (a war crime), then providing cluster bombs to escalate the war crimes further, at the horror of all the US allies, which intends to prolong suffering.

US is carefully trying to move this into a wider war bit by bit, solely for profits, and it undermines Europe and Russia relative to USA.

Western media propaganda

Reading western media is a laugh, where all papers publish world news as what Zelenskyy or the Pentagon says. Reporters sit down and write what these people say, and publish it as news...the very definition of propaganda.

US controls media simply though their secret court system, FISA, which dictates in secret what content has to be taken down, what content has to be put up, and Zuckerberg , Marissa Mayer, and anyone else go to jail if they don't comply, dont do what the government tells them, or even if they say they got a request from the secret courts.

New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, Radio Free Asia, have all been known propaganda outlets for 80 years, over and over again publishing faked stories, yet people still believe them!

  • all these papers reported the faked false flag attack on the US ship by Vietnam (actually done by the CIA) as factual news even though knowing it was fake. All these 'newspapers' reported it as news that Vietnam attacked the US, all the politicians who knew it was fake then passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution to enter the Vietnam war...all faked.

  • all these papers reported on the faked 'domino theory' created by the CIA to justify the war

  • all these papers reported the CIA faked Nayirah Testimony as fact, and US politicians all use this knowing it was faked to pass to war resolution for Iraq war 1. Of course the NY Fed ended up handling Kuwait oil sales from then on.

  • all these papers reported the US state department and Colin Powell's faked UN report on Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, even holding up fake items!, which all US politicians used for vote for the invasion of Iraq, Iraq war 2. Of course the NY Fed ended up handling Iraq oil sales from then on. There isn't any more direct proof of a war criminal that that, yet he remains a free person in the USA.

  • All online outlets are completely compromised and run by the pentagon, on reddit, the most upvoted stories are simply CIA propaganda

War crimes propaganda, ICC is a western controlled tool

  1. US committed 10s of thousands of war crimes over the past 80 years over so many countries, and covered them up. Direct video evidence is there thanks to the only journalists left...Manning, Snowden and Assange (all of whom are hunted by the US for exposing crimes), yet no-one in the US has ever been charged with anything!

  2. US runs worldwide secret torture camps, exposed by Manning and Assange, no one tortured ever faced even a trial

  3. US runs torture camps in Iraq, with proven evidence, no one tortured ever faced even a trial

  4. US runs torture camp in Guantanamo Bay, no one tortured ever faced even a trial

  5. All the countries putting sanctions on Russia never put any Sanctions on USA, so they are acting as just purely Geo-political games, like Singapore and UK

  6. All the counties calling for war crimes investigation never called for the same for USA, so they are acting as just purely Geo-political games, like Singapore and UK

  7. US sanctioned the ICC judges for considering US war crimes

  8. US law is to invade Netherlands if ICC investigates US war crimes

  9. Russian acts are so small compared to USA

  10. Courts work in precedent, so the precedent set by all the western powers is that judges and courts are bombed if war crimes are investigates

  11. Courts work in order, the US war crimes need to be done first, before moving on to any Russian ones, but US/UK/Australia/Singapore/Canada think all US crimes should be ignored

Simple facts show the absurdity of US propaganda

  1. US says it's sanctions will 'cripple' the Russian economy. But Russia, and the War has not been affected by the 'sanctions'. Russian exports expanded, economy is better and inflation is lower than Europe.

  2. US keeps saying the latest weapons load will turn the tide of the war, 150 billion dollars later, there is no change

  3. US says the May counter-offensive will end the war. It has done nothing.

  4. They all reported on Russia firing on a hospital..a war crime! The UN report on it says that Ukraine was using the hospital to fire weapons, so it was actually a Ukrainian war crime.

  5. No mention of 80 years of mass genocide and war crimes by US

  6. NY Times planted CIA stories about blowing up Nord Stream pipeline is a laugh

    1. First story was planted was blaming the Russians! of course absurd, as it is Russian pipeline carrying Russian gas for sale to Europe

    2. Second story was Ukrainian agents, that is debunked

    3. NY Times has no coverage of all the evidence presented by Seymore Hersh!? of course everyone knows it was the US

    4. The only beneficiary is US, blocking energy sales from Russia, and requiring Europe to US LNG as a replacement at high cost. Even France and Germany essentially acknowledged this as the plan.

    5. Since NY Times blamed Ukraine, why no mention of a war crime blowing up civilian infrastructure providing basic heating needs of people

    6. No mention that there is secret evidence by western 'investigations' that will not be released, or shared , or have Russian involvement, by Sweden or Germany due to 'national security' ??!!

  7. NY Times reported that Russia blew up Kakhovka Dam with no evidence, even though they put 'evidence' in the title! The primary result was loss of fresh water to Crimea and flooding of Russian controlled areas, likely Ukraine

  8. NY times ignored that Ukraine has a history of blowing up dams, Ukrainian military was destroying bridges and infrastructure as part of the strategy, included blowing up a dam that regulates the Irpin River flowing south.

Easy to pick propaganda in western media:

  1. Any article that include the wording 'war of aggression' and 'unprovoked' which are false, and indicates propaganda piece

  2. Any article with no evidence, like 'intelligence says' or 'Biden says' or Zelenskyy says' is all propaganda, no evidence

  3. Any article that says Ukrainians are 'volunteers', every make in the country was banned from leaving and forced into the military

  4. Any article from unnamed sources, e.g. unnamed 'experts', 'researchers', 'intelligence officials' etc, are most common sources for propaganda articles

  5. a 'researcher' (who is adrian zenz, funded by US congress, given an 'organization' in Washington DC, a crazy german religious zeolot) does all the anti China Xinjiang propaganda, all fake a debunked , put in place by Mike Pompeo - Head of CIA who was installed as head of US State Department.
    All of these articles make front page on CNN, BBC, Fox, ABC, NBC, and other western propaganda outlets

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Praying that the war will end soon🙏 I feel sad thinking about it ,I can't imagine the situation of the civilians ,the soldiers and other who are affected on that war. Why not to choose peace over war?🥺

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2 months ago

It is really so sad seeing those innocent people dies at war. Even just by watching movies, my heart broke to see those young ones die. Just like when the war at Ukraine starts, I watch the news but looked back at times seeing those bodies scattered around. It is the chronicles of evil, having power and wanting more power even starting a war for them to gain more.

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4 months ago

The US hostility in the name of creating peace is just something I have been going through in my mind

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3 months ago

Zelensky is a buffoon who plays the king. It is a pity that hundreds of thousands of people die at the same time. In fact, it is true that there is a redistribution of the sphere of influence between Russia and the United States. in my opinion, after the BRICS countries abandoned the US dollar, the Asian market lost forever.

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4 months ago

Common people always suffer in battle of elephants. US continuously rolling stones over its own puppets and I fear Zelenskyy will be no more just like Osama, Saddam , qadhafi and Zia. Interesting to see that how electronic media defend the wars in favour of US administration always. May they have own interests Also. Ukrainian people never forgive Zelenskyy for putting his innocent people in hunger and thirst.

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4 months ago

Reports of the US being at war again raise concerns and highlight the complex global challenges that persist

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3 months ago

There's a lot of evidence tgat says US is a bad country. They create war then they manipulate thr media to tell people it was the other country that started it.

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4 months ago

This gimmick is also similar to the pandemic to profit from their vaccines. I always hear that this war is only a business. It's funny how the world can fool and trick us. The worst thing is that there are innocent lives involved. I can't stand the evilness of this world.

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4 months ago

Dear, please share your telegram or whatsapp contact number.

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4 months ago

Its hard to predict in terms the conditioning if the war will prevail for attacking the US for the invaders but one thing for sure many families are being affected on that and the innocent people, the sad part is many lives will gone if the US and any other countries will pursue the war, and im still believe in the power of piece to make stop the war.

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4 months ago

Poor families and children are the affected of these wars and leaders are only after thier personal interest and not after the welfare of thier people. They always show anger and never think how will happened to the world if these war never stops

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4 months ago

The US at war again signifies the country's commitment to protecting its interests and promoting global peace. It is crucial to understand the reasons, goals, and impact of this conflict. Supporting the troops and staying informed are essential during this time.

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4 months ago

Very good and useful article. Thanks for your good article.

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4 months ago

I wonder if there is no war before, what could be our world today. More peaceful and happy indeed.

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4 months ago