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I would happily accept debating the Singapore Minister, K. Shanmugam, after his call for debate.

K. Shanmugam is another Singaporean parroting US Propaganda as Policy. As usual, his stances are the opposite of facts and statistics, and purely geopolitical in nature.

K. Shanmugam parrots US propaganda on his 2 main issues

  1. that political death penalty is needed to prevent drug use (absurd based on data)

  2. that Russia is sanctioned because national sovereignty is sacred (while supporting the US invasion and occupation in Iraq for 20 years, which continues today)

Shanmugam is just a fraud and parrot of US geopolitical propaganda, and an embarrassment to what should be a modern, independent thinking country.

Shanmugam does what a politician does, use anecdotal evidence to pretend something is true, and pick random out of context examples to scare people. Doing this, he is obviously full of contradictions.

1. His strong advocacy of the death penalty for drug imports

His arguments parrot US drug war propaganda.

That 'drug mules' are the sole problem, and killing them is the solution because it is a strong deterrent:

We don't even have to debate it, it is well understood failed policy, and we have over 40 years of US data on the drug war showing the opposite to his claims.

The data shows the opposite is true, the more the US government, military and CIA kill people around the world, the more the US drug problem.

  • The harsher the penalties, the more the drug problem has grown, opposite to Shanmugam claims.

  • The more money spent on the drug war, the more drug abase and victims, opposite to Shanmugam claims.

Shanmugam obviously has no data linking the use or non use of death penalty in Singapore to his claims of better society.

Singapore killing young kids who were naively caught up trying to make some money to help with family bills does nothing. The most recent state based political killings were young kids just trying to make some money. The buyers are rich Singaporeans partying.

Of course everyone knows the data, the truth, but will not say it.

US spent $1 billion on the drug war in 1981, and over $40 billion today, with ever increasing jail terms. Yet drug usage and overdoses kept increasing, and deaths are the highest ever. The opposite of Shanmugam's claims.

The US drug war is all fake. Cheap heroin is pushed onto anyone coming into to a doctor, a significant factor in the drug usage and epidemic purely due to drug companies paying doctors to prescribe them. This massive scam was done via cheap heroine the military got from invading Afghanistan. This mimicked the Vietnam war, which tuned into basically the CIA and military using the war to take and sell huge quantities of cocaine in the US causing epidemics. In Latin America, the drug wars just means the CIA brutally vying for control of the drug trade, not trying to limit imports.

By killing young kids caught up a drug mules, Singapore is just picking off competition, where the drug trade to the elites would be controlled by the highest levels of Singapore government in concert with the CIA.

The death penalty is obviously wrong, and is widely used to kill of political rivals, economic rivals (such as drug mules), or kill black people in brutal ways in the US. It is so commonly abused, the US innocence project has too many cases to handle of innocent black people killed and sentenced to death from brutal forced confessions to 'close a crime case', happily done in collusion between the racist police, racist judges, politicians and community (all statistically proven).

Statistics is an excellent way to prove things when data is covered up.

Of course Shanmugam tries to talk tough, flying in the face of every human rights body and the UN, that requires the elimination of the death penalty for modern civil societies. The evidence and facts show the death penalty is rife with abuse, which Shanmugam completely ignores. Shanmugam doesn't understand basic human nature, and police, laws, courts are all abused, or just parrots falsehoods to make himself sound tough. Police, politicians and courts all use the power for their own agendas, regardless of country.

The death penalty for carrying drugs is a political crime, not a common law crime, so his stance is even worse. It was just a bunch of corrupt politicians that made the decision to have death penalty for bringing in drugs, not 'common law' or 'precedent'. It is just a political dictate. There should obviously be no death penalty for political crimes. Politicians can make up anything and get is passed.

In Germany, one day, suddenly, politicians decided being born Jewish got you the death penalty, and they gassed 6 million people to death. Shanmugam would say, well, this is the law, Jews were decided to be detrimental to society, we can kill them.

This is no different to Singapore politicians deciding carrying some cocaine one day is detrimental to society (with no statistics) and killing them. It is a political law. No harm was done, just like being born a Jew, no harm was done. Shanmugam thinks a far fetched 'pre-crime' possibility is enough to die. The cocaine might be purchased by someone, or might take it, and it might cause them to commit a crime based ...pre-crimes can't be proven in court, and post-crime the seller of the cocaine is not responsible anyway.

Shanmugam thinks you should die for far fetches pre-crime activities that might not even be related, based on his own flawed thinking, no statistics. More likely, the cocaine is taken by a Singaporean elite on yacht who had the best night of their life. Shanmugam kids probably take drugs, he wouldn't know.

Shanmugam believes in these 'political crimes', not thinking for himself, just parroting US propaganda...it is an easy way out and an easy sell, and whatever 'he thinks' is bad for society, just like any dictator. A politician the next week can decide cocaine is a lifestyle drug that people enjoy (which is the truth). This is no different to Shanmugam deciding that anyone who says bad things about him online should die, which is common around the world.

In another country, Shanmugam would be open to the death penalty for his views, yet he still believes in the death penalty for political crimes. He is full of contradictions, illogical thinking, and parroting fake US propaganda build for the US prison / military complex.

That drugs are used by crazy people who will cause crime

This is another US propaganda argument. Drug demand and use in the US and Singapore is by elites. Hard drugs are openly used by elites across government, industry, doctors, lawyers, and other rich people.

It is standard in New York, LA, San Francisco for elites to be openly doing drugs, while block people are rounded up and put into prison for carrying small quantities, often to feed to appetite and buyers which are the elites.

Bars and Clubs all through the US and Singapore have elites openly doing drugs, both in the open, all the toilet stalls, etc.

Singaporean elites studying and working overseas do drugs openly, such as in UK, Australia and US, which is illegal per Singaporean law, yet they are never charged with any crime.

Nobody wants to say it, but data is data. US drug policy is to control the drug trade, and fill the prisons with black people, which in the US are used as slave labor (called 'involuntary servitude').

It is standard practice in the US for police to carry drugs, throw it on the ground or into a car of black persons, arrest them, get a coerced confession from beatings or threats of rape and huge prison times, use rigged and statistically proven racist judges, lock them up and use them for labor (this is estimated at around 1.5 million people, the largest slave labor system the world has ever known).

This mimics the standard US military practice of 'drop weapons', where all platoons carry weapons to place next to civilians when they kill them, take the photo, and says they are 'insurgents' including women and children. Much of the US police force is ex-military. Of course these are all war crimes, but nobody is every charged.

It is so common in the US, you can watch police frame black people on youtube - rse police are never even charged for framing people to ruin people's lives and send them to prisons for labor - the worst kind of human rights abuses possible.

The use of drugs in Singapore is openly done by elites in government and industry, this is the primary demand for drugs. It is openly done at places like Zook, all by rich people. Drugs are also openly done on yachts and homes of the rich. Of course Shanmugam hides this.

Shanmugam picks and chooses out of context token statements and anecdotal unrelated statements, to support his claims. Of course this is how politicians work, anecdotal data is how politicians trick people people into thinking. His entire proof of claims is that Belgium and Netherlands, without the death penalty, are 'narco states' and failed, of course they are unrelated and anecdotal. His analysis and arguments are an embarrassment to civil society.

Shanmugam parrots US government propaganda and policy, they everyone knows is a guise to round up black people into their enormous prison labor camps that use free labor to produce primarily military and police gear (ironically to continue to killings and process).

Shanmugam policies, as shown by US, produces the opposite of his so called stated goals, and Shanmugam never produces data or analysis linking the cause and effect, typical of politicians.

Shanmugam claims 'there is strong support' in Singapore for the death penalty. Of course there, politicians like Shanmugam parrot propaganda, and people listen. He is the reason for the false claims and the support. Just like the US people strongly support invading sovereign countries for oil and killing a million women and children in the process. Even though logically it is absurd and a massive war crime, Americans think it is good and just simply due to overwhelming propaganda in the media.

Shanmugam is just like those that deny people education, and then say they are uneducated. He is the problem for the strong support of the flawed policy.

That drugs will be "easier to access" without the death penalty

Shanmugam provides no evidence or statistics for this claim.

Drugs are all over Singapore, and easy to access in Singapore by the elites, so there is no access problem at all.

This is obviously also true by facts and data in the US, the more and more deterrence and brutal policies, the more easier and larges access there were to drugs.

So again, facts are the opposite to what Shanmugam claims.

Unfortunately , like the US, drug enforcement is more likely in order to keep the trade controlled by elites.

1. His strong advocacy of Singaporean Russian 'sanctions'

Shanmugam again spouts US propaganda.

Shanmugam parrots the standard US propaganda that this is Russian 'unprovoked aggression'. Of course the opposite is true.

Zelensky was installed by a CIA coup, Zelensky colluded with the US to pull out of the Minsk agreement (Russian red line), assault and kill Russians in eastern Ukraine with the Nazi brigades like Azov (Russian red line), and attempt to join Nato (the last Russian red line). Then Zelensky refused the negotiate at all with Russia on all the red lines.

Obviously the US played their famous standard playbook on Ukraine - using a puppet to push red lines until war breaks out, and them blame the other side. Of course with complete media control, Americans all believe it. Based on facts, the war is the fault of Zelensky. Shanmugam seems to believe it too.

Zelensky just got played by the US, Zelensky decided unilaterally (after his US trip right before the war) that his people and country would go to war with Russia with US backing.... he decided to destroy his country and people just for US proxy war with Russia, and arms sales kickbacks. Zelensky preferred all those huge military sales kickbacks to Ukraine and Ukrainians, the worse dictator of all. 3 months in, Zelensky was trying to get 'post-war' construction deals and kickbacks.

Zelensky forcefully, and without notice, forced every male in the country in the military, by dictate, the worse kind of dictator. It reminds me of Vietnam, when US, Canada and Australia forcefully rounded up kids to go kill Vietnamese all for a fake war based on propaganda. In that case, the completed faked 'domino theory' was put into every newspaper to convince the public. The US also had to sink their own warship, blame it in Vietnam, to engage and escalate the war. Shanmugam would believe all this!

Shanmugam then says Ukraine " is a sovereign country" and " not acceptable". Of course Shanmugam is purely political, since he supports US invasions and killings of millions of people. Iraq was sovereign country, but this is acceptable to Shanmugam.

The US unilaterally, without vote, invaded sovereign Iraq with a huge amount of propaganda and fabricated stories about weapons. They invaded and occupied and killed a million civilians over 20 years (Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden), and still control all of Iraq's oil, money and budget at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. After 20 years when Iraq finally got a parliament, their first vote was to expell US troops....the US (Trump) said no. So this is all ok to Shanmugam and Singapore! This is colonialism 101, control of a country resources by force (just like UK, France).

Shanmugam then says "you have to start with the United Nations Charter, which guarantees the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries". Yes, he doesn't mention Singapore's support of US violations in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, etc. all invaded and controlled by the US.

Shanmugam then says sovereignty is "fundamental.". Shanmugam is obviously contradictory, and a parrot of US geo political propaganda.

When Russian sovereignty was threatened after world war 2 with the US putting nuclear missiles in Turkey facing Russia, and Russia responded with nuclear missiles in Cuba, JFK negotiated and both countries withdraw their nuclear missiles. This was probably the last time we have seen mentally competent humans in power. Of course, JFK went too far against the military by not supporting the Vietnam war and was shot dead.

Now the US tried to add Ukraine to NATO via coup and corrupt politician Zelensky, and put nuclear missiles right next to Moscow. This time Ukraine refuses the negotiate, seemingly trying to start nuclear war.

But to Shanmugam, all facts are ignored, Russia is evil, US is good, just like the media propaganda says.

Shanmugam will spout absurd contradictions like supporting US invasions while claiming sovereignty is fundamental for the Russian attempt to stop nuclear weapons being placed on it's border by the US.

Shanmugam cites the UN charter when it suits him, and on top of that, uses it out of context. He uses the sovereign nation clause to attack Russia out of conext, while ignoring it for US. He invokes human rights, while dismissing the UN and human rights bodies over the death penalty. In additional to not citing statistics or data, and throwing random uncorrelated sentences together, he is mentally illogical.

Take note, our friends in Philippines and Taiwan... the US wants a proxy war with China in either Taiwan or Philippines. Millions will die. The US like a war away from the US homeland, and US military dealers make money off it, millions will die just for US corporate profits.

And don't be naive... US already has chosen to go to war with China...it will happen, there is no stopping it, just a matter of when. No logic, or facts will stop it. This is about money and power, as we saw in Iraq.

Nobody could believe the US would just invade Iraq for oil and kill 1 million civilians. Every story was fabricated, all the reasons and evidence of weapons all fabricated, everyone knew it was all fabricated, yet by political dictate, the war was started, nobody has a choice, and there is no vote.

Again reminds me of Vietnam, it was all faked, there was no vote, suddenly kids were taken from homes in to the military by forced draft. They were forced to commit war crimes, kill millions of women and children, yet nobody could do anything about it, those in power do it by dictate, and all of a sudden.

Crazy world...

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Everyone knew that Abd was lying. and no one made a sound because they were going to get a hush. no one made a sound because they were going to get a share. why the world is not a fair place

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7 months ago

Reading this make me search who is shanmugam and all about him.

Drugs was the big big problem of the world and until mow it can't be resolve.

It nice to read this article of yours I learn and here new to my ears.

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7 months ago

That the reason why people wnat a power..We are lucky if the one in the power position is a good ruler but if its not, the people or the country would sacrifice or in a trouble. I hope and pray that's the problem of the drugs would be finished but of course its isnt happen coz all the powerful person is the one who carry the drugs all over the world.. Your right what a crazy world we had. 😢

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7 months ago

This is very interesting.

Drugs are often the object of world conflict, because of their goods. However, there is no need to hide that drugs have become a tool to paralyze the government's political system because of "politics of turning one against the other". Exploiting narcotics for wealth, has indeed been encountered by many workers in government agencies, but all of this can be covered up and the small community is made a "scapegoat".

Drugs have become a weapon in playing politics.

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7 months ago

Here in the philippines ,our past presidnet able to have a strong advocacy on war on drugs.He is the first president who makes the drug users to surrender but sad to say that after his term ,some drugs users and sellers are feeling free now😢

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7 months ago

It reminds me of what's happening here. The war between China and Philippine west sea never ends here. Recently, there's a lot of misunderstanding happening between Chinese and filipino who are in that territory. As for the war on drug, after our previous president ended his throne, the drugs are going back. Seems like every country are facing so much problems.

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7 months ago

hello there my friend. drug related case is a never ending case that is hardly to resolve. just like in my place they launched against drug case and many "drug addicts big time or small time" are caught and died but until now it hasn't resolve. that is the hard case aside from corruption that the Government will face

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7 months ago

I think that every country battles with this never ending drugs misuse. I just hope that governments will be able to fight this kind of issue.

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7 months ago

Crime is the forte of the rulers (in the past, the kings, and now the political mafia, health mafia, mainstream news mafia, and the big tech mafia).

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7 months ago


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7 months ago

Drug Lords are so powerful and they have many connections in the Government. They are protected by high profile Givernment officials. But I am wishing that crimes involving drugs will get lesser and lesser.

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7 months ago

All I can say is no one can solved the drugs issues especially here in the Philippines. Even our ex president Duterte he didn't succeed the war of drugs. So sad that powerful people can really control everything. Poor people will be the one to sacrifice. Don't know when it will ends.

I'm glad that your back here...thanks again.

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7 months ago

The war on drugs never ends, there are big people behind this happenings. Mostly the victims here are our children. Killings and crimes are continually spreading around which we could no longer live peacefully and live our life with fears.

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7 months ago