Chinese Xenophobia and Peng Shuai

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US goverment promotion of Racism and Anti-Chinese sentiment

The anti-Chinese propaganda, xenophobia and racism are reaching new heights in the west. A whole government effort by the US, Australia and Canada to promote anti-Chinese sentiment, rascism and crime is out of control, investment bans and economic blockades are in put on China (the first step to any war), and the eventual goal is war.

The US desperately needs their next war, and those in charge at the CIA and Pentagon, who control the US senate and media, have China in their sights. With the pentagon already declaring war, war is virtually inevitable, and the overwhelming Anti-Chinese propaganda, xenophobia, harrassment and economic blockades are the beginnings.

In the delusional halls of US power, those in power have the sole requirement that the US must maintain full military control over all the world, that the US is 'exceptional', and anything and everything must be done to maintain this.

You thought the Vietnam war was absurd? The same arguments are back all over again, anti-Communism and anti-Chinese paranoia and xenophobia are back, and same old game plan as 1930s Nazi Germany, 1950s Anti-Vietnamese, and Iraq invasions are back. All the warning signs and preparations are already here, yet the people blindly follow the media and all join in the frenzy of anti-Chinese xenophobia.

The illusion of human rights in USA, which is in perputual colonial invasions for resources, murders millions of civilians, women and childen overseas and covers it all up, runs the largest prison industrial complex with slave labor the world has ever known, and has rampant crime and racism, along with systemic drug overdose crisis and drug deaths, is absurd to say the least! The illusion is setup by massive worldwide propaganda (after repealing a law to prevent domestic propaganda!, introducing fake secret court system for secret directives!, and consolidating media control!)

On the bright side, Chinese scientests suffering from extreme xenophobia and harrassment in USA have fled to China for safety, just as German scientists fled for USA in the 1930. History repeats, USA is now similar to 1930s Germany where the anti-Jewesh fever was building up, and China is the new 1940s USA when benefited from scientists leaving Germany for USA.

Simple Case Study: the Peng Shuai Tennis Saga

It may seem small, however is a great example of pervasive paranoia and xenophobia sweeping the US, and the warning signs that leads to bigger things down the road, just like the German population went along with small time anti-sematism in 1930s Germany.

The US controlled Womens Tennis Association (WTA) fabricated an issue to promote Anti-Chinese sentiment, and block Tennis from China, and undermine their own mission, undermine their own sport, undermine women in China, and undermine all the other players playing in China...just to promote xenophobia of Chinese.

The WTA is using Peng as their geo political pawn, and undermining what Peng wants, using her for anti-China propaganda, and not helping or representing her. This is the opposite of what Peng would want. But the WTA is racist, and only intends to use women and children for anti-China propaganda.

Peng addressed all concerns, wants it to be a personal private matter. Of course the WTA says no! The WTA don't agree with Peng, and they will use her name to boycott all tennis in China to undermine the Chinese!

WTA purposely undermines Peng, uses her name for rascism against Chinese, and undermines all of China tennis, all women and girls in China and Hong Kong. WTA represents everything that sports is not supposed to do, since sports is supposed to support and encourage women, girls, participation, inclusiion, positivity, and be above politics.

The WTA promotes racism, intollerance, using women like Peng as political pawns, and is trying to teach and push women and children into anti-Chinese geo-politics. The WTA again is promoting the exact opposite that sports is supposed to promote.

Peng made one online post, then deleted, accusing her former sexual partner of assault, not a lawsuit. The WTA then decides they are the law, without any facts or evidence, they conclude this is a horrific incident of international concern! The WTA shows no evidence to backup their actions, fabricates an Anti-China international incident. Despite this, this, this, this, this, dinners, events, the WTA decides she is being 'controlled' and 'have serious doubts' she is not safe, obviously intended only to promote anti-China beliefs and propaganda. The WTA uses this to block all tennis from China!

The WTA is purposely undermining Peng and purposely fabricating her story.

The WTA shows that anyone can make a twitter post, any accusation, the WTA will grant themselves to be the local and interational court! And as the 'court', they can ignore facts, ask for eveidence, then when they get it, just say they don't believe the evidence! Of course, this is to promote anti-China propaganda. Of course, it is rediculous, but not when seen in the context of US xenophobia, anti-China propaganda, and undermining China. Propaganda and Anti-China xenophobia is easy to construct out of anything.

The US and UN intentionally make a big political theater intentionally to create anti-Chinese histeria, pretending Peng is killed! Of course, everything is normal, WTA just ignored the facts and evidence, and blocked tennis from China anyway.

The typical pattern is used, ask for evidence, when it is received, dismiss the evidence and do what was always intended behind it all. e.g The US intended to invade Iraq. When the inspectors showed there were no weapons of mass destruction, the weapons were fabricated and the war was started.

The WTA, presumably under US government directive or national security letter, intends to pull out of China to undermine China and promote anti-China zenophobia. Leveraging the Chinese racism of the organization, fabricated and fanned a false claim, asked for evidence Peng is safe, got the evidence, dismissed the evidence, and pulled out of China anyway. The goal was always to stoke rascism and anti-Chinese paranoia and xenophobia, and pull out of China.

The WTA, ironically pretending to stand up for Women, sent the message to all women and girls that Chinese rasism is good, and vilifying the Chinese is ok. It is also happy to reject it's own purpose of supporting women in tennis, intentionally undermining Women and Girls in China who look up to tennis stars. Sound like Germany Anti-Sematism in 1930? US Anti-Vietnam in 1950?

Ironically, at the same time, the WTA operates in the USA, that murders 100s of thousands of muslim women and girls in horrific bombings around the world, where the US government covers them all up.

The insidious nature of rasism cloaked by an organization claiming to be doing good.

US Violent Anti-Chinese Crime out of Control

Hence the huge rise in violent crimes against Chinese. The US, like Germany 1930s, put on a fake face for the international press, pretends to care, while under the covers intiontionally incite and fan the flames of their legions of rascists.

The US government while purposefully fanning the crimes, pretend to care with fake notices by Senate, and fake efforts to address it by DOJ.

Sound like 193o's Germany? And the 1930s German Olympics?

Huge rise is specifically Chinese attacks due to Goverment propaganda and xenophobia efforts.

From San Fransisco, to across the country.

US State led Anti-Chinese xeonophia efforts

The US examples are matching the anti-Jewish (anti-sematism) efforts of Germany in the 1930s.

The US is harrassing and purging Chinese people., US government has programs to harrass Chinese, racially profile Chinese, and fabricate charges against them, from students, to researchers, to professionals.

In the 1930s, 400 decrees and regulations were passed on all aspects of Jewish lives. The regulations gradually but systematically took away their rights and property.

The US is well into this:

The first wave of Nazi antisemitic legislation, from 1933 to 1934, focused on limiting the participation of Jews in German public life.

German law restricted the number of Jewish students at German schools and universities, as you see now in the US against the Chinese.

Hitler did not want international criticism of his government to result in loss of German prestige, or reduce tourism and revenue. Just is the case of US, Australia, Canada, putting on fake international faces on themselves to lure in students for money, while internally drumming up extreme anti-Chinese sentiment and coaxing all rascists.

The bright side of this, just as in 1930s Germany, the best scientists leave from the harrassing country.

USA benfited from German scientists being harrassed and left for USA, and those scientists provided US the ability to win the war and create atomic weapons.

USA is now the country with extreme rascism and xenophobia of Chinese. Chinese scientists have left for China and created the hypersonic and space weapons program that will protect it from US attack... ah the irony and repeating history.

US in decline

The US is already well into their decline, the GDP purchasing power of USA has declined to the 3rd behind China (1) and Europe (2).

The US maintains their economy via war and colonialism, compared to China which produces and trades peacefully.

The US has killed an estimated 6 million (mainly muslims) over 60 years of wars, from

  • Vietnam (fabricated by creating extreme xenophobia about communism taking over the world) - millions of women and children murdered, and effectively tried to burn and poisen every living thing in the country - while sinking their own warship to expand the war

  • Iraq war 1 (fabricated testimony about iraq soldiers snatching kuwaiti babies), to return control of Kuwaiti oil and money to US control

  • Iraq war 2 (fabricated weapons of mass destruction), to control of Iraqi oil, and control Iraq's money and budget and the New York Fed

  • Libya (fabricated uprising), to remove Ghadafi who nationalized oil and used revenues for health care and housing, and return oil control to US/UK.

  • Syria (fabricated chemical weapons use), to control oil, and essentially just setup the military around oil fields and start taking it

There is no other way for US to prevent decline, and possible economic and social callapse, than to start a great war.

The way to start this is to fabricate extreme xenophobia, as usual throughout history.

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And again @ewyr, WOW! I thought I was the only one to be seeing all that's going on. You make EXCELLENT points here. Great article again.

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1 year ago

US has interest in creating ruccus in rest of the world than controlling their own people .. :/

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1 year ago

Yes @Theblackdoll, you are right! They are completely bankrupt and their only card left is to make war around the world. And this is not the "ordinary citizen" of the USA. It is special interests, called "neo-conservatives" or "neo-nazis" that seek to make war. The author is here is great and echoes my own views.

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1 year ago