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2 months ago

Is there a time in your life that you question yourself if your life is worth living for?

I am in the time of my life that I questioned myself if my life is worthless?

Then my experiences flashback in an instant the time that I want to end up my life because I got 76 in algebra in high school. My mother always expects me to do well in school I really hate to disappoint her by giving low grades in school that's why I am so depressed and tried to end up my life by drinking oxalic acid, my mother used it to bleach our white shirts and for me that time I think it is poisonous. That time I put half the pack of oxalic acid in a chocolate drink so that it will not taste so awful then at one sip it's a terrible taste that's why I put it in the sink and cried a lot after that I realize it is not the right thing to do. The time that teacher will give us my report card with my mother into my surprise I got 82 and my mother is contented with my grades because she knows I am not good at math. The time that I tried to end up my life I feel my life is worthless because I disappointed my mother.

When I was young, my mother is very strict she always wants me to do things at my best and when I disappointed her I really want to end up my life, I really dont know why I feel that most of the time, maybe the hormonal imbalance of being a teen-ager.

There are a lot of people who think that their life is worthless that's why they end up their life. We heard a lot of news about those teenagers who committed suicide and that is very alarming because I myself experienced it without proper guidance they will end up their life so easily. In my own experience, there will always be in our life that we will question ourselves if our life is worth living.

What are the reasons why we feel that we are worthless?

  • We feel worthless because we feel that we are no longer important to anyone that no one cares about what we feel all the things that we did are not valuable to others, especially to our loved ones.

  • Those people who matter to us don't value us as a person that they only treated you good if you only do good for them.

  • If we did not meet their expectation they will just ignore your presence and the worst thing is they will make you feel that you are a very big disappointment in their lives.

It is very important for us to make others feel that life is worth living especially with our family, every member must feel that they are well accepted and being loved unconditionally in showing that they are all appreciated for anything that did in their life and proper guidance is very important.

Now that I am also a mother my life has a meaning with my children.I am not a perfect mother but I will do my best to accept and love them unconditionally.I will wake up and thank God that I am still alive to share the world my meaning in this life. I am grateful to be with this kind of platform that I can barely express my thoughts in my mind just to inspire others not to do the same mistake that I did.

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Written by   37
2 months ago
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