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1 year ago

As a mother, I always want to cook a meal for my family that is enriched in flavor and innovating simple dishes on some level. this is a recipe my mother thought me when I was in grade school when I am in grade six it was easy to prepare.


1kl of lean pork

1pc big onion

1cloves garlic

salt and paper to taste

1/2cup oyster sauce

1tbsp brown sugar

2tbsp lemon

carrots and green peas

olive oil

1tbps butter


marinate pork with oystersauce,lemon,garlic, brownsugar,salt and pepper overnight.

in a frying pan put olive oil, butter onion garlic the pork meat only let it turn into light brown put the marinated sauce let it simmer until the meat is tender and put the carrots and peas until it is half cock remove it from the stove and garnish it with toasted garlic and fresh onion leaks.

happy cooking everyone.

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Nice recipe, I get some idea

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1 year ago

thanks for the appreciation

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User's avatar eve
1 year ago