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shrimp paste fried rice with mixed vegetables

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1 year ago

I love the taste of shrimp paste most of the time I just put it in the rice and it is already a meal for me. I had learned this dish from my mother-in-law it is a homemade shrimp paste but there is still a ready-made shrimp paste in the market.

I will recommend that you buy a ready-made shrimp paste because it depends on your taste buds if you want a sweet and spicy or the plain salty taste of it.


2 cups of cooked rice

2 tbsp of shrimp paste

1 medium-size carrot cut into cubes

2 tbsp of green peas

1 medium size of potato cut into cubes

1tsp of sugar

5 cloves of garlic into mince

1 medium size of onion into mince

1 tsp of olive oil

Direction :

In a frying pan put the olive oil then the garlic until it turns light brown add the onion and the shrimp paste saute it well then put the sugar, mixed vegetable and when the vegetable is half cooked then it is time to add the cooked rice it is very important to mix it up all well so that the taste will be a balance.

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Written by   50
1 year ago
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