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pasta with Spanish sardines

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10 months ago

As a mother, I really have to consider offering my family a healthy and easy meal to prepare. My family loves pasta that's why I must be creative to give a distinct taste of pasta, not the usual spaghetti or carbonara. This recipe just comes out with my mind years ago.


Spanish sardines 2 cans

onion 1 big red onion

garlic 4 cloves minced

pasta 250 grams

carrots 1 medium size cut into cubes

potato 1 medium size cut into cubes

olive oil 1 tbsp

pepper 1 tsp

oyster sauce 1tbsp

parsley optional


In a saucepan put the oil add the garlic, onion until it turns medium brown then the carrots and vegetables add the oyster sauce add a half cup of water put salt and pepper to taste let it simmer put the Spanish sardines let it simmer, and set aside.

Pre-cook the pasta according to the direction and combine with the sauce add the parsley on the top.

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Sis I am damn sure that's so yummmi and looking delicious and spicy. Spicy thing in kitchen and theirs smell make me vampire 🤣. I am not good chef but I always try to do my best. Soon I will try your this fish.

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10 months ago

thank you

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User's avatar eve
10 months ago