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Mango ice cream bucket

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2 months ago

I really love ice cream that's why I keep myself busy to learn homemade ice cream buckets. You are free to choose what fruits you want to use. That's why I'm sharing with you this exciting recipe I had learned.


Ice cream base ingredients and preparations

1/2 tbsp unflavored gelatin + 2 tbsp water mix it and let it bloom in 5 minutes

500 ml all-purpose cream (let it chilled it overnight) beat on a high speed until soft peaks form

150 ml condensed milk chilled overnight( don't forget to scrape down the sides of the bowl) set aside

1/2 tbsp of unflavored gelatin add 2 tbsp hot water mix it and pour it together with the cream mixture. Mix well

The ice cream base is ready

1-liter bucket container

200 grams crushed graham

diced mango


Put the crushed graham as a base add the diced mango then alternate it again with the graham and mango until you fill up the top of the bucket cover and let it chilled overnight.

I really love to share with you the actual process but my cellphone shut down where I save my videos on how to do it that's why most of the photos I gathered came from Pinterest.

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Written by   48
2 months ago
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