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2 months ago

When I was growing my mother will always tell me about karma at first I really don't know what it is, but then I realize it deals with something that you have done good or with others and the result of it depends on what you have done.

Most of the time my mother will tell me if I will do good to others good karma will be in my life. As I grow up, it remains in my mind that I have to do good things and in return, others will do good things for me.

Realization as I got older it is not always like that, no matter how good things you did to others they will not return it with a good intention that's why there are times that I get depressed on how people abused me for doing good things for them.

Then I settle with the intention that always does good things with others without expecting that they will do the same in return because that is the essence of true happiness in life.

Thank you for creating this community so we can share good karma and happiness to others.

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