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Give thanks

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6 months ago

When you open your eyes and you see the sunlight shine in the morning

Can you please close your eyes and give thanks?

Because there are many people who cannot see the sunlight shine in their lives.

When your loved one greeted you good morning

Smile and give thanks.

Because there are people who had lost their loved ones.

In every step that you have is a beautiful blessing.

Give thanks and have a grateful heart.

There are many people who dreamed to walk again.

As you sit at the table to eat, please don't forget to give thanks on the other side of life.

There are many people who had nothing to eat.

As you perform your work have a kind heart to appreciate because most of the people lose their job.

When you got home be thankful that you arrived safely because some people are not able to come home.

Pay attention to your loved ones and never forget to make them feel how blessed you are that they are still in your life.

Life is too short so make every second of your life meaningful.

We have eyes to see the beautiful things that God-given us but we really have to open our hearts to appreciate even our consequences in life are still a blessing.

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Written by   38
6 months ago
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I think you can add more sentences under the photo

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6 months ago