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creamy mushroom chicken

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1 year ago

Creamy mushroom chicken This a recipe that I had learned from my sister in law,the taste of it is not easy to forget .


1kl of chicken

breast 5 cloves of garlic mince

1 medium size onion mince

1 big can of mushroom

2 pack of 250 ml all purpose cream

1 big can evaporated milk

2 medium size potato cut into 4

Small amount of ginger

Salt and pepper to taste

Fish sauce

Toasted garlic



Marinate the chicken with fish sauce,pepper for one hour In a pan put a little amount of oil saute the garlic,onion,ginger until it turn light brown then put the chicken let it turn to light brown put a cup of water let it simmer until it is tender add the potato and mushroom bring to boil add all purpose cream,evaporated milk salt and pepper to taste let it simmer and turn off the stove.

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