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controlling stress to anger

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1 month ago

Stress often leads to unforeseen anger outbursts, especially when the underlying issues are not addressed. The outbursts can sometime be so unexpected, that it could take on an element of violence, and this of course is very damaging indeed.

The following are some secrets on how to exercise control on the individual’s anger issues so that stress can be avoided.

Taking a time out

Taking a timeout can be especially effective in controlling the possibility of having an anger outburst displayed. It gives the individual a chance to step back and take a moment to relax and collect his or her thoughts.

This usually works well, if the individual moves away from the situation that is causing the anger, and focusing on something else temporarily until the anger subsides.

When the individual has regained some control of the anger, and it is no longer dominating the body and mind, then the individual would be in a better position to address the original situation that brought on the anger in the first place. It would also have given the individual the time and space, to reconsider the facts and the feelings, and if the anger was warranted.

Learning the art of controlling the tongue is perhaps to most powerful exercise the individual can and should master.

By being able to think before expressing anything verbally, the individual is well able to ensure better encounters and outcomes, as anger usually brings out the worst in people and circumstances.

This negative contribution of anger will not help to solve anything and instead will eventually cause elevated stress levels.

Coming up with solutions rather than focusing on the problem may also be another route to take when it comes to addressing anger issues. If the individual is occupied with finding a solution, then there is less likelihood of the mind dwelling on the negativity of the problem which contributes to the anger.

There are a lot of bad things happened if we let our anger in but remember some of it came from stress so we must identify the cause of it so proper solution will be given an immediate response so that it will not affect you and others life.

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Written by   37
1 month ago
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I must say, I have a good control of my emotions. But I see that as a drawback sometimes. I have learned to oppress my anger so good to the point that it's hard to express how I really feel when the situation needs it. Sometimes, I envy people who can express well when they are angry. Unlike me, who will choose to be quiet, just as to not encourage further conflict. But I know being silent all the time is not always right.. A time may come when all the suppressed anger may just explode like a bomb.. and that's just worse.

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1 month ago