biko (rice cake)

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3 years ago

This is my favorite desert that i want when we go to fiesta after many festive food to choose from it will serve as my craving is satisfied that 's way i learn to cook it. I usually serve this also in special occasions like birthday, christmas and new year.

My mother in law thought me how to do it.


1 kl glutinous rice

6-7 cup thin coconut milk

4 cups brown sugar

2 cups thick coconut milk (for syrup)

2 cups thick coconut milk (latik)

banana leaves,wilted


Wash glutinous rice then cook it with thin coconut milk

Put two cups thick coconut milk in a,pan stir until it boils. Add brown sugar and cook for 10 minutes

Put cooked glutinous rice, blend well until thick.

pour into try lined with banana leaves,flatten.

I really hope you will like it

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Sarap nito😍 tagal ko nang dinakakain nyan

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3 years ago

yan ang lutong pilipino na saatinlangtalaga

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3 years ago