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1 month ago

As a mother, we all want the best for our children but most of the time we did our really best, but it's not enough for them to see all the sacrifices we had done for them just to give them the best.

Have we ever questioned ourselves if we are really doing our best as a mother?

Best for me is that when we did it for the welfare of our children. Basic needs are not enough for us to give our children. We can give them the most delicious food but it is the best for them? Most of the food that tastes delicious nowadays is not healthy. We must prioritize what is healthy for them so that they can grow with a healthy mind. A healthy mind is a happy life.

We can give them expensive clothes but it is the best for them, what matters for me as a mother is that they feel comfortable in what they are wearing,most people who buy expensive clothes prepare to choose it because of the quality but there are less expensive and have the same quality, we really need to choose those things for them to realize that expensive things are not the best for them but how they feel when wearing it, most can afford it but we must set an example that there are other important needs to be attained.

Most parents believe that big houses can give joy to their children but by giving them they need to work hard and sacrifice time for their children. I wonder why those people in the low-cost houses able to raise their children well compared to those who live in a mansion. I grew up in a big house but still, it feels empty most of the time all the family member are busy in their rooms noot unlike those family who has little houses but yet still close to each other and for me, it is the best as a family to be close to one another.

In this millennial stage of our lives, our children grow so fast in the hands of high technology, in one click most of the question of our children has been answered by the gadgets on the other hand's communication between parents are being compromised they grew up with a wall because they think that they don't need their parents anymore and spend less time with them.

The world today is so alarming that's why we must give our children the best by making them realize what is important in this life.

It is important for as a mother to be an example that we give thanks to our beloved father Almighty in heaven asking for His guidance and protection in this life, because whatever happens to us they also have God in their lives, prayer is the best sword in all the uncertainty in this life, even if we are gone God is there to be with them.

We must lead them by example on how we can do good to others in spite of all the bad things life can bring us. The best is to be good and do good to others.

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Written by   37
1 month ago
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