Sine wave of Life and Emotions

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Everybody wants to live a life without problems and troubles and want to be rich, healthy, happy and don't want the struggle.

In reality it does not work like that. Today you wake up with some good emotions and feel happy about life. But tomorrow you may end up with fever and also may not feel happy about the life. That is the type of sine wave event that you experience.

Very few people on earth can have the emotions that go linear. Unless they live in some mountain doing meditation and have cut off all the people in their life.

People living in mountain can't be feeling much of linear emotions. Even living in the mountain would invite the animals, bandits and there is a fear of life and so even that wont be linear emotions.

Life always works like sine wave. To make it even more simple, you can imagine tide of ocean waves. It goes up and down as the current in water stream works.

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Wave of Emotions

Emotions are funny too. Each year the emotions work lot differently in our life. Some people around us stay single. They feel different set of emotions. Some get married early and some late. All of them experience different set of emotions.

As the time in our life moves ahead each year or the block of 5 years. I think the wave of emotions also change too. And so we have to consider waves like this as a change we can't control.

Most of the time what we should do about the emotion is that we only need to focus on experiencing the emotions and not try to push the emotions in our favor. They are our response to what happens to us and how we can solve this problem sort of situations.

Waves of Life Issues

Wave of life does not always bring positive news or the event. Life is a struggle and also has a lot of steps to walk before making any life decisions in our life. So waves are like one positive wave 2 negative. Or 4 positive waves and 2 negative. You have no control over this number.

All you can do is prepare your life for both waves and let the universe take care of the rest. And so you have to manage the those events as if they are not in your control but you focus on surviving them.

Sometimes you don't have to react or respond but you have to manage them in the long run. So make sure to look at the life issues with more of proactive approach.


Life is not steady stream of water. And it's like having upstream and downstream tides in the water. You would have the same sort of the experience with the life.

If you want to have more control over life situations then understanding your own emotions, your own response to the life events always helps out.

Sometimes the trick is not in reacting to emotions and life, but responding to how you build things and how you make things better.

How do you handle life events? How do you respond to the events with emotions?

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