Idea: Whatsapp & Telegram Tips using Bitcoin Cash & SmartBCH

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If you have spent some time on readcash & noisecash for few months. I am sure this has made you pretty much comfortable with the tips system.

So let's think of more ways to bring the Bitcoin Cash in our everyday communication and usage. What if we add it into the Whatsapp and Telegram?

Most of the crypto users are aware of the Whatsapp and Telegram. And currently there are mostly untrusted bots that you have for tipping. There is a lack of the trust in most of the bots that we can find.

What if we have someone trusted from the community to build a bot that allows us to use our wallets to tip the users on Whatsapp and Telegram?

WhatsApp Tips

This has been never tried I suppose. I feel like this is a good way to bring the bitcoin cash and the smartbch to more people.

You may notice that once the people get used to such bots they can reward the bot for better content and also regularly fill the wallet.

This starts the regular cashflow on the blockchain and more people would benefit from the tips and people who want to tip other would continue to help the economy in general.

How should such tips work?

If anyone wants to tip you they should follow process like.

  1. They select your replies to them.

  2. They choose the option to pay you in terms of the tips.

  3. They choose bitcoin cash. Choose wallet.

  4. Tip processed.

Something like this is already happening with the whatsapp payments API in some of the countries. I suppose the same can be done with the bitcoin cash and the smartbch wallet too.

Telegram Tips

Currently there are some of the bots that are already in work. But a lot of them are not much trusted and also keeping much of your funds into unknown bots care would not be a good choice as well.

Telegram has both payments API and Bot API that can be used for developing a bot and that bot can pay as well.

Similar to whatsapp payment process here we can get an option to pay other users by selecting the reply.

Possible Issues with Tips from Telegram & SmartBCH

Yes the security issues and the problems will always be there but we cant control much of that. We have to do what is possible and hope for the best and patch the security as required.

I personally think that having the option to pay in BCH inside the messenger would be useful long term. I'd definitely make use of it if something like this comes in and all people start using the same.


Getting paid from the messenger for posting the good content and also doing services for other people would be a good way to spread the BCH in the ecosystem.

Would you use the payments bot inside the Telegram and Whatsapp for tipping in groups and the individuals through messenger system?

What do you think of the idea?

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