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How Watching Anime Makes You Money

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1 month ago

I admit, I watch a lot of anime. I used to watch when I was in school, then in college and even in my 30s now a days. So yes, I am growing old with watching anime.

Life has been pretty good when you deal with only good things that you enjoy. I realized this a bit late. I know those who find some value out of such animes kind fo feel good at heart.

Watching anime has a lot of benefits. Like it gets you out of bad mood. It makes you feel good about the life. It also makes you feel good about most of the things in life in general.

I want to discuss how watching anime can make you money. And get you to like things that you can enjoy overall out of that money.

So let's discuss how watching anime helps someone make money or it never goes to waste in general.

Write about Anime, Make money

Do you know sites like hubpages have sections on anime. You can review them there and wait for adsense ads to roll in. And they will pay you cut from their earnings. You would also get a lot of traffic for the content and this in turn makes you money from that.

Just so you know some of the sites that have good content of anime can also get good advertisers. And you get to post about various topics under anime and animation in general. That would lead to some good paycheck.

Do note that reviews need to be good, lengthy and also some value in them with images and the gif if you can. This way you can make the reader engaged into the content. That's what makes things good.

Write about Anime, Earn Crypto

Do you know there are communities which are meant for the anime and the animation in general on hive and steem? They also pay you in case if you can get upvotes on those articles.

There are people who are into anime and also earn decent crypto income when they post on regular basis. Writing about various of those topics can be useful if you know what you are doing.

Earning crypto is not that easy on Hive and Steem but if you write good reviews specific to the anime, you can make some decent income there. Which is something worth your hardwork.

Write about Anime, Land Jobs

Do you know there are some of the anime accounts on social media that pay you to post the engaging content? Yes that would be a job for you. And that could earn you some good income out of watching anime.

Landing jobs using your hobby like anime is another thing a lot of people kind of enjoy. I feel that anime is not bad if you can monetize that hobby the right way. In fact more jobs open.

But I feel after say some years people quit. Like some people quit in 20s,or 30s or even 40s. It all depends. I feel a very few amount of lot can experience passion till the end. So if you want to do job then have to maintain the hobby plus job balance.

Write about Anime, Entertain, Get out of Depression

Now this one is not really the direct money maker. But it makes your mental health and physical health good. Like it gets you out of depression. How much time you are going to be spending watching. Sometimes writing what you have seen helps your health.

It also entertains you and it gets you into the mood. Like you feel good talking more about episodes. Say you watch black clover, you enjoy the episodes and then it feels good to wait for another season, the depression therapy helps like this.

So make sure to write about anime in twitter, or some article and enjoy your time because in our life there are lot of bad things but spend time on good things if you can, that would help you.

What do you think?

I watch anime and other animation shows and write about them. It helps me with content being posted for money. And in general this is a good thing for my health too. So I prefer writing about it.

How about you? Do you write content of anime that makes you money?

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Written by   94
1 month ago
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I am not a fan of anime. I haven't watched any, maybe the only anime I have watched was avatar the carton version

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1 month ago

I spent one year of lockdown watching Animes day and night and there I realised that I am wasting time here. So now I rarely watch but if we can earn from watching it, heh-e that's what I wanted to hear. Because once I talk or write about animes I think I can easily make a 3-4 minute post.

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1 month ago

I watch few animes before but right now, i didn't have much interest on that...I saw lots of users here who loves animes and they flex it here. They do not only share about their favorite animes but they also earn from writing it

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1 month ago

My hive account got blocked.. Now I'm using RC and NC to change my luck

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1 month ago

I do watch but not anymore, my hands are tied with lots of life responsibilities. It's good to know one can earn from using anime, thanks for sharing this.

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1 month ago