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BCH vs ETH - What should BCH Do in ETH dominated Game World

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4 months ago

Every single day I try to cover one metaverse game or metaverse as a platform on one of my channel named - Meta on noisecash.

This channel basically is meant for the upcoming metaverse changes that are happening on various blockchains. I am documenting it through this channel so as to keep up with changing times myself.

Every other metaverse or the game that I see being launched is either on Ethereum or the layer 2 solution of the Etheruem like say Polygon, Chainlinks etc. This kind of makes the Ethereum chain more stronger.

Though we see those games struggling a lot on bigger scale when it comes to the gas fees and the overall transaction load. No matter what you feel about Ethereum and it's performance, the developers continue to deploy there.

Why Game Developers and Metaverse Platform Designers use Ethereum?

The reason behind why is that Ethereum is like a super computer type of the thing which has means to extend itself as the time requires. Something that BCH lacks badly.

You just can't become the chain that does nothing but payment gateway forever. You have to explore more avenues and touch for more use cases.

Sure we have smartBCH that is EVM compatible and offers low transaction rates. But do we have the metaverse and blockchain games like Axie? As it stands right now. No.

Games create Economy

Let's admit one fact. Most of the gamers and the tech savy people are into games of the blockchain. And also they are the one funding the games and keeping the economy moving.

Imagine if we don't innovate and remain just as a cash type payment solution. The other blockchains would have an upper hand. And this could lead to the game economy not using your blockchain.

Something what many gamers hate to be on is Ethereum. Yet they are using it because there is no alternative as of now. Binance smart chain is there but there are not many strong games on it as of now.

Houbi and Harmony is there but mostly doiminated by the chinese makers and not enough US based developers and english speaking games on it.

Imagine every new transaction that happens on games moves on ethereum and the binance chain. And that kind of creates the demand, and more and more games and it's engines are releasing and using the Ethereum.

What BCH & smartBCH needs to do?

smartBCH and BCH both needs to open up more towards the game developers and the platform developers who develop the metaverse.

It needs more documentation on how games can be deployed on the BCH and the smartBCH. Instead of asking the game developers to figure out on your own type of the taunting and remarks, you have to open up towards them.

Having examples, tutorials, demos and the webinars can help them release the games and metaverse on the chain. This way more people would come in and bring their ecosystem of needs with them.

Not just that having more friendly conversation and making it easier for game studios for the new user acquisition can be even bigger bonus. Like promoting them on your chain through blogs, videos.

Something that Binance is doing for the developers who use their services is another good option. They fund or even celebrate the release of many good games. Some get support on marketing and some get the social media boost from them.

That's what needs to be done by these two chains in order to capture the future of the gaming world.

What can we expect from smartBCH and BCH for Gaming & Metaverse?

Metaverse and Games are demanding and requires a lot of resources and embeding the BCH and smartBCH would require some level of dedicated developers and also may require some support from the community.

As of now we have yet to see the Axie and other level of games being released on these chains. But we can hope that if not released on blockchain we can atleast expect some internal transactions making use of those chains.

Let's cross fingers.


It's 2022. And it's time to innovate and support the developers who choose BCH and smartBCH. Tell them to build games, dApps and the resources on these two chains. As that would be helping the ecosystem and the blockchain get more demand in near future.

What do you think? Do you think BCH and smartBCH needs games & metaverse?

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Written by   90
4 months ago
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I think supporting the gamers , developers , technical assistances will boost the adoption of BCH and sBCH . New innovations on metaverse will bring more people into this territory. You have good suggestions that some demo's , tutorial videos and blogs will help them to release the innovative games on this chain .

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4 months ago