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Don't Love Me

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Written by I am a thief who steals articles and claim it as my own   230
1 year ago

I am a disaster.

I am broken.

If you try to fix me you'll just see yourself getting shred into pieces.

I am the darkness in your life.

I will not show any love for you.

I will not tell you "I love you".

I will not wake you up in the morning reminding how things will get better.

I am the nightmare in your sweet dream.

I am a stone.

I am cold that I can freeze everyone around me.

I am the thorn in your rose.

I am the wound in your soul.

I can't even love myself.

I am a prisoner in an open cage.

So please... DON'T LOVE ME.

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Whoever you are,there someone loves you,maybe not being showed but secretly.

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1 year ago