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“Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” – George Eliot

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Indeed, the quoted message is so true, animals are very pure, from the love they show, and their intentions are only to be cared for and to care for other souls around them, and luckily, we, the humans, are the privileged among all to experience this one-of-a-kind bond with them.

I could say that a house without a pet couldn't be called a perfect home completely. I love to have pets at home because, with them, I find comfort and the company or bond is just genuine. Plus they bring happiness outside and inside of the family.

During my younger days, I always wanted to care only for dogs, I like to have them in our compound for security and for the companionship they bring. Also, I just love them from a puppy until adult.

Without a doubt, I am a dog lover ever since. However, things changed when I met my cousin's cats. They are so noisy yet so sweet, especially the oldest cat she had, JP.

However, JP doesn't go back home for almost a year now. After she's gone, our adopted cat Sky is also gone missing and never returns until today.

But I am just glad, that one of my cousin's cats gave birth to two kittens, despite they being my cousin's cat's kittens, I am the one who gave them names.

I named them Coco and Melon, and since my cousin doesn't want another cat in their house, I asked them to just adopt them. However, Melon died yet there's one left, Coco.

Coco is a male cat and he became our house pet.

He is so lovable and so playful too!
And one day, my son told me that Melon is still alive!

Really? How? I asked with surprise.

She's there at Lola’s house (referring to my cousin's house beside ours).

I immediately went there to see if Melon is truly alive, and surprisingly, I saw a kitten but it was not Melon.

The poor kitten looks very dirty, she's full of charcoal and dirt.

Our first met.

However, what I admire about the cat was, that it has a triple color on its fur. It's a tri-colored cat with hues of orange, black and white, and later on, I discerned it as a Calico cat.

Calico cats are easily recognizable because of their three-colored coats of any cat breed. Seems all the cat colors are with them already.

I told my husband about the kitten and we both decided to adopt it. And later on, we called and named the kitten, Ginger.

Did you know?

Calico cats are mostly female, and only 1 out of 1000 could be a male, and if ever you come across a male one, it would be infertile and with a shorter life span than the female ones.

Read more information here: link

And Ginger, she's a female!

We gave Ginger a shelter to be called home being a part of our family. My husband likes her a lot and he gave her a bath which she at first, didn't like. My eldest son loves her too, now we have two cats at home.

Then, we let Coco meet her, and tada! They became close seems Coco treated her like his little sister.

Ginger loves to play and seldom sleeps like other cats or compared to Coco.

She’s a very good hunter too! And to be honest, she already caught 4 or more mice at home for consecutive days until they were gone.

And because our home is now mouse-free, she hunts for lizards instead.

She also loves to hang out with Coco on the roof.

Their favorite spot inside the house is the sofa, it's also their night bed for sleep.

As I was reading different articles on the web about Calico cats, I found out that most people recognize these cats as Lucky charms. Most people believe in the good luck they bring.

No doubt, after adopting Ginger, we received many blessings some financially, and mostly can't be seen with the eyes, such as harmony and peace of home.

I could not say it's because of Ginger, because I know what we received was all God's will.

Near with Ginger ☺

This is how Ginger looks like now. She is already big and pretty. ☺

I don't know and have no idea of lucky charms Calico cats may bring, but one thing I am very sure of, is we are lucky because these cats chose us to be their family. ☺

Thanks for reading!

Written by: @eommaZel ✍🏻🥀

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I doesn't know much about cats but all I will say is your calico cat is so pretty.

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1 year ago

So you named is Ginger, it is truly cute and I love her three colors. Coco is also cute.

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1 year ago

Totoo yan sis. Parang hindi kumpleto pag walang pet sa bahay. Ako ang hilig ko din sa mga pets sis. Mahilig ako sa mga cats at mga aso sis.

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1 year ago