“Me and the last month of the Year”

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11 months ago
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The memories I had for the past 11 months are still fresh in my head.

From happiness, sadness, uncertainties, disappointments, anger, and guilt, I guess, I already experienced different emotions during this year even the emotions I don't want to experience.

It was a year to remember undoubtedly, but before that, I still have one month left to experience enjoyment before this year completely bid its goodbye.

The past month of November left me with full loads of responsibilities as a mother of two school boys. Honestly, this setup is very challenging for me. Since the face-to-face classes started, everything needs adjustments from time management, patience, and up to the test of my eagerness as well as my kids.

No doubt, time management hit me the most negatively. However, I need to choose my priorities and that is my real-world obligation for being a parent.

I honestly have lesser time to do online, read some articles, or even check some new updates on the virtual world.

I feel I am being left behind already, however, I have to accept the reality that being a family woman is never an easy peasy life.

Now that the kids are schooling the last month of the year for me is even more challenging than the past years we had.

This month will be expected to be the most full of expenses month for me, especially for the parents with kids schooling.

I expected there will be Christmas parties just like what I had experienced during my younger years. No doubt this time of the year is one of the most awaited parts of the students. Where there is giving of gifts, sharing and laughing with friends, enjoying some foods and games, oh how reminiscing isn’t it?

But now I know why my father despite being a public teacher hates this event because this event had cost him from paying some contributions for the parties we were in and the gifts we should give for our ‘Monito/Monita’.

And now I am experiencing this costly era where everything these days is so expensive even the primary or the basic needs.

In the last week of November, I already attended the meetings regarding the Christmas party of my kids.

My kindergarten will be having their Christmas party together with us, parents on December 9 at 1 pm.

For the food, since there are 19 students in the afternoon session, the group decided to just each of us will have our pledge (food) to bring for the party.

While some of my co-parents were busy pledging what food they were going to bring, I was just there thinking deeply about what should I contribute. And I opened up to them that I am alone with my kids at home so I cannot cook any meals for that day.

One parent suggested pizza and I just agreed. It would be less hassle on my part so I just grabbed it. So I will bring three boxes of pizzas on the upcoming December 9. What an expense!

Aside from that, they agreed to bring 2 packs of candies for the games and prizes for the kids.

When I thought these expenses would end here in the kindergarten, their teacher messaged on the group chat yesterday that we are required to bring 2 packs of biscuits each per parent for the chosen beneficiaries of the school this Christmas.

While in my daycare, something is bothering me being a parent. Their Christmas party will be on December 12. And to my surprise, even the parents are required to buy a gift worth 200php aside from the gifts of the kids. So we will be buying 2 different gifts, for the parents and the kids.

Aside from that what makes me scratch my head is that we, the parents are required to do a Christmas presentation by dancing to some Christmas songs.

I know, all they want is for everyone to enjoy themselves, however, not all parents have free time.

Since it's compulsory, my groupmates held a practice in one of our co-parent houses yesterday (12/03/22 the date I was writing this article). And of course, why would I bother to practice? 🤣 I have lots of work at home more important than that dance and stuff so I said my excuse that I cannot attend their practice.

For me, Christmas parties should be focused on the kids, because they should be the ones who are enjoying more this season, and as much as possible, it should be simple too since we just came back from the pandemic and everything today is pricey.

I know it's nice to have some enjoyment because being a parent is indeed a challenging life-long responsibility, however, not all parents are the same, and others don't like to dance or perform in front of many people, just like me. 🤣

I don't want but seems my co-parents already agreed and decided, maybe they are all outgoing unlike me. Maybe I am the only one who’s different.

How I wish these events would end sooner so I could have free time and some little vacation from the busyness of school.

And instead of thinking negatively, I will just do my part and enjoy the remaining last month of the year 2022. 🙂

This month will be the busiest, happiest, or most memorable for some of us, and hopefully will be one of the best months we could have this year. 💚

Let's make our last month of the year a stunning one!

Happy Holidays!

written by: @eommaZel ✍🏻🥀

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11 months ago
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Yung malapit na mag bagong taon maiisip mo yung mga experiences mo this year sis. Merong happy at merong sadness but despite of everything still go on and continue.

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11 months ago

True sis, kumbaga , not the best year pero glad we survived hehe. 🤗

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11 months ago

Tama sis kaya continue lang ng continue. Struggles are part in life talaga sis.

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11 months ago