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"Make your everyday a little bit special"

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1 month ago

March 4, 2020


I'm quite busy these days and I don't have enough time to write. I don't feel bad, but I really miss writing. Writing isn't my passion, I'm not even a good author but I can say that I am a good user of, following the rules, being kind to every user I met, and make time reading their articles despite my occupied days.

Today, I do the things I commonly do every day, things I make again and again. Seems like I'm just repeating my routines daily. But that's my reality, however, I can always make every day a little different than yesterday, right?

How can I make my day a little different from yesterday?

The answer is inspired by these photographs I'll be sharing with you today.

When we say passion, I consider photography as my cup of tea. I love doing clicks on anything I find unusual, pleasant, and beautiful in my eyes. And my only device used is my mobile phone. I'm not owning a pricey phone, but I'm very satisfied with its specs, most especially when it comes to the camera.

When the pandemic started, I barely go out of our house, that's why I keep on repeating routines, and I can't make my day unique from yesterday. I usually felt bad before, whenever I saw myself unproductive, and plain. But when the dusk came, everything turned out new.

Dusk is my most awaited time of the day, it is the time when sundown was near completeness.

Every time I saw the sky turned and changed into different hues, I'll immediately walk outside the gate and took my phone with me.

The first sign I'm looking for is the colorful clouds in the sky, just like this pink-hued cloud. After seeing that, I'm ready to capture the moment, that wonderful painting in the sky.

I never thought of this before, that even on a narrow horizon, I can certainly witness this kind of lovely view in the sky even in a short period. Maybe you've seen some of my photographs here and on, and you'll notice that I took photos of dusk and sunset on the same location always.

Yes, the place where I took my snaps is just outside our gate, near the road. Due to the stay-at-home protocol, we are restricted to go out frequently. And because of that, I'm always staying inside our fence. But not when the beautiful dusk came.

The first thing that I noticed is the vibrant colors in the sky, every time I saw this kind of clouds, I always conclude that there'll be a wonderful sunset after.

Have a glimpse of the view I've seen right here in my area. This place is incredibly beautified by nature when the twilight came.

See my photographs.

See? These photos were taken at the same place but at different times and days.

These may not be the best photos you've seen but I'm sharing these to tell you that even a simple day can be special if you look into it deeply. Just like these pictures, the area of all of these are the same but see how it changes the beauty it has.

That's the road where I took the photos

The road was empty and plain but who knows that this road turns into a wonderful work of art by nature at twilight.

For me, it's like a reminder to be appreciative enough for the things that we can see and witness. I'm living in a neighborhood far from the mountains and the seas, yet I can glimpse such beauty.

I'm blessed to witness it, but how can I say this?

It's because sunset for me is a hope for tomorrow that we haven't foresee yet. A glimpse of the new beginning and chance that patiently waits for us to live on. Well, that's only my thoughts about sunset.

Just take these photos with you to remind you that life is beautiful to be plain, make your day extraordinary, it's all in your hands, you can always make it extra special with cherries on top.

Hope you enjoyed these photographs I snapped. These were only a few of my captures, since I'm struggling with my connection, I only chose the photos I resized the resolution so that can be upload easily.

Again, this article was purely my impressions. ๐Ÿ˜Š

All the photos are mine.

Written by: @eommaZel โœ๐Ÿป๐Ÿฅ€

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Written by ย ย 306
1 month ago
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Good photo result, I see how you can confirm that it is your own photographic work. there was a different color in the cloud, there was purple or pink, but it was a beautiful sky.

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1 month ago

Maganda talagang subject ang nature. And I would say mat tlent ka sa photography momshie.. Keep it up momshie, baka maging professional photographer ka pa..

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1 month ago

A great an amazing article about your ideas

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1 month ago

Subscribe done ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’“

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1 month ago