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Dreaming ₿ig: Selflessly Ambitious Dreams

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3 months ago

June 18, 2021


There's a saying that says “Always dream big” and I see nothing wrong with dreaming big. Dreaming is somewhat part of being human.

Who doesn't have a dream?

I guess most of us even the unfortunate and fortunate ones have even one dream on our minds.

And dreams might fail or be accomplished, it depends on how we make a move to pursue them.

When I was young, my only mistake is to live in the dreams of others. I failed to set a dream for myself. And by the time I failed them, the impact was five times harder for me. I was criticized by the people whom I thought will accept me no matter what. But my hopes with them fell the time they turned their back on me.

After that, I felt my existence was just another wasted life here on Earth. That I found no possibility of getting at the top again.

How can I move on and take a step again?

It's 10 months ago, I was saved, my hopes were saved by this community, the Bitcoin Cash community.

Why and How did it save me?

Simply because I learned to dream “Big” once again with the help of this platform and the coin that gives power to it. Yes, I never thought a simple coincidence turned into a striking moment that I'll cherish up until now.

It's been almost 11 months ago and I learned to earn hope and have desires once again. I was afraid to set goals, I was scared of losing, and be a failure just like what I had become before. But staying here and reading stories of reality, inspires me more and gave me back the courage that I once lost.

Now, I'm focusing on the present life that I have. A simple and quite bleak, yes, it is hard to explain and I don't want to be forever like this.

Here go my dreams, reappearing one at a time.

The first Big dream I want to achieve for the following years from now is a home for my family. I never wanted or support “Extended Family” setups but unfortunately, for some reason, we became a family who's practicing it. If you're wondering what kind of setup it is, you can read my old article about it here.

And as a parent, I don't want to see my children grew up in the said situation. I have so many reasons why I don't want to stay living together with my kins. So, I am doing my best to save just to help my husband financially so we can build a house, even the simplest house for our little family.

Last night, the small talk we had given me clearer options and if God will bless us, we wish to accomplish it together next year.

Bitcoin Cash has nothing to do with my personal dreams, but it has a great part and contribution to my life. Without this coin, probably I am still the same old woman who pitied herself and letting other people look down on me.

And honestly speaking, my life blossomed beautifully with the help of Bitcoin Cash. I'm just grateful to be a part of this community.

My dreams are selflessly for my children. I won't say I am a loving and perfect mom, but I am trying my best to be a good parent, a good mother to my kids. My dreams are for them, to give them a good and satisfying life. I don't want them to suffer what I have endured before when I was still young.

I strived hard to be tough living in a broken family setup, but somehow, I'm still thankful for the hardships that I've been through. It made me stronger more than I could ever think I could be.

And of course, my dream with the coin, Bitcoin Cash was still there. I am currently holding 1BCH overall and it's already a huge accomplishment for me. Yes, I am not just a plain housewife, I am a BCH Hodler too and it's making me proud.

Though 1BCH might be only a tiny percentage of someone's portfolio, it is already tremendous for me. Knowing that I am not a trader, nor an investor, but only a plain mom at home attending the house and the kids makes me proud to hold even 1 full BCH.

And no matter what happens, I will forever stay as a Bitcoin Cash supporter, accumulate more and save more with the help of these platforms. So having more BCH will always be part of my dreams.

Yet, I won't just rely on my dreams here, though I can't deny the fact that these two platforms, read and noise, have a great role in molding my dreams to come true.

Five years, ten years? I don't know if what life is waiting for me there, but I know that I am still a BCH supporter at that time. And my dreams, I'm not confident enough to say that I can achieve them easily, but I will make sure to make them come true.

It doesn't matter how long I will take just to fulfill them, what matters is that I will do my best and won't turn my back on them just what I did before.

I have learned from my past that dreaming should never stay as a dream forever. However, to ease failures and disappointments, always have an attainable dream, possible and never be afraid of losing too. Sometimes falling moments will give us harder lessons to take in life but helps to mold us into better individuals.

So never be afraid to dream big, and make that dream reachable in your hands. Dream now while you still have time to make it real.

Written by: @eommaZel ✍🏻🥀

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Written by   431
3 months ago
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Tama! Dream big. If you settle for less, it won't be challenging at all. And yung house mo sis sure ako na kayang kaya yan. Hello, BCH holder ka kaya! Hehe. Congrats nga pala sa 1BCH mo! 🎉🎉🎉

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Ang ganda naman ng article mo na to sis. Yung from just a plain wife to a dreamer and bch holder. Iba 😅😊😊 I am so happy for you. Ikaw yung isa sa mga taong ngpapalakas ng loob ko na isang araw makaka 1bch din ako.hehe. Like you, im not a trader also di ko pa din natatry mga other ways to earn like staking ganun but dahil sa mga ganito mong articles, naiinsipre at namomotivate din ako. Hehe. I'm too far yet to 1bch but di ko na masyado iprepressurr sarili ko 😊😊😊😊 I hope na magtagal pa tong 2 platform na to gang sa mkaipon na tayo ng enough na bch for a better future 😅😅😅

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3 months ago

Indeed, we should dream big and let's do everything to reach that dreams. It might take us too much time but just like what you have said, it doesn't matter how long will it take as long as we don't give up on achieving it.

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3 months ago

True at all But what if we saw a big dream but it never comes true what we do in that case ?

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3 months ago

Dream big and won big that are essential.For dream we should not need sleep for dream we have to woke up and try try and try again till we succeeded. Congrats for 1BCH and looking forward for your more achievements.

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3 months ago

Thanks, Zeshan. I hope the next time we will come across each other you won't be marked as spam anymore. I don't know the whole story of why it happened to you but I can see you're not a spammer and not deserving of this. 😶

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3 months ago

Thank you dear... I also not know the reason . The only thing that I can do. I mailed the admin about the problem but still waiting for good response.

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3 months ago

Just continue what you are doing and I know the admin will see you're not a spammer after all. I saw my friend, Gracee was once marked as spam too but she consistently comments and interacts and the mark was home, and her account now is doing fine. I know soon, you'll be fine too.

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3 months ago

I am always hopeful and positive for all❤️

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3 months ago