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Christians:God's Silence-Episode One

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5 months ago

A Creator's Trust for His Creation

For believers, we all Know that God answer's prayers, but there are certain cases or situations we come across where it seems God is silent. we might be waiting on God for a particular issue, during the process of waiting, it could feel like God is silent. and this silent can be really difficult and frustrating. Imagine being in a situation where there is no one to turn to or run to, you come to God in prayers expecting instant answers or solution to the problem, or imagine passing through trials so hard that even your fate in God is being tested yet it feels like God is silent. Many believers today have been through this period at one point in their christian journey.

let's take Job from the bible for example, all through the book of job, he cried out to God. He needed answers about why so many evil had befallen Him, he was a man who was faithful in his offerings, he tried his very best not to sin and made sure he prayed for forgiveness from time time, yet what he feared most befell him.

He was met with silence. God's silence as some would imagine is not a sign of rejection, nor does it mean he has forsaken you. Job probably had such thoughts which is completely human to feel so but what we fail to understand is that in certain cases, God's silence also means His trust for us his creation.

John 11 vs 6 to the end

in the above story, Mary and Martha saw the silence of Jesus as neglection , their emotions closely explains how we feel today as believers expecting an answer from God on various issues we find ourselves.

The silence of Jesus in the above scripture brought about a new understanding of His power, and it was also a show of trust. It is one thing for us to have faith on God, but it is another for our heavenly father to have faith on us as his creation.

Jesus had faith in Mary and Martha that they would be able to withstand and overcome whatever situation that may come their way, that the death of their brother would never make them loose their beliefs. He had faith in them that no matter what people may say, their faith and trust in Him would never waver,that they would always make the right choice in the end. Can we say the same for ourselves today? How strong is out faith to hold on? God bragged about His son Job, He had faith that Job would never let Him down. Can the same be said about us today?


God's silence is not a sign of rejection but rather a creator's trust for His creation.

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Written by   2
5 months ago
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