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Christians: A Reason To Be Thankful Prt2

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6 months ago

Hebrews 13:15 KJV

By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

The last article made us understand that we do not need a reason to be thankful, because there are reasons all around us. looking at it from the health aspect, research has shown that gratitude helps decrease blood pressure, helps reduce anxiety, and even helps you sleep better. In other words a grateful heart keeps us healthy. Below are some reasons why we need to be grateful or thankful, some of these reasons might seem small but they actually mean alot.

i. A roof over your head and a floor beneath your feet.

believers and even non believers today tend to worry about having a home of their own, or in most cases they feel their present living arrangements is not up to standard with that of their peer groups, due to this, they fail to realize how lucky they are to actually have a home in the first place.

No matter small or bad it might be, it is way better than sleeping in the streets. I have come across so many homeless persons who would even be grateful for having a mud house or a single roof over their head.

Ii. Friends and Family.

another reason to be thankful for, which a lot of believers and non believers tend to over look, is the aspect of friends and family. in our quest for material processions and fulfilling our dreams, we tend to neglect does closes to us and their importance. God gave us friends and family as the life of the party, He works through them to get to us in most cases. Many of us might have one or two friends or a family member who we tag as annoying or show spoilers but the truth of the matter is they are part of us and they contributed in making us who we are today. They may not be of much help in terms of financial support, but trust me we totally can't do without them.

III. Your furry friends.

most families own pets as part of their family, but many tend to neglect them, I have come across so many stray pets along the streets. in some cases, when we see these animals around us we tend to assume the worse especially here in Africa, some associate them with witches and wizards. the truth of the matter is God created them, both the good and the bad, so we need to be sensitive to the holy spirit and not just assume, and be grateful for nature. There have been cases where most persons have been able to experience genuine love and understand what it means to care and protect another from animals.

1v. Good Health.

one thing most persons tend to neglect is their health. they see no reason to be thankful for having good health as they assume it is by their efforts, they where able to achieve that. Most people today believe they are healthy simply cause they keep a good diet and workout regularly, there have been cases of persons who where healthy today but suddenly fall I'll the next, so always remember to be thankful for your health

v. Be thankful for the holidays.

We have so many holidays which we celebrate, ranging from Easter to Christmas and even the new year and lots more, people tend to associate the end of the year, which is the month of December as a period of celebration, but have they ever be thankful for having such a period? all they worry about is what to eat or the cloths to wear. Think about it, we wear our best and prepare our favourite food during these holidays, we spend time with our friends, families and love ones, if these holidays do not exist it means there would be no need for these things.


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Written by   2
6 months ago
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