A New Beginning

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Okay, I thought about so many ways to start this article but I was not really sure which one to pick, so am just going to type whatever comes to mind.

My name is David Elijah, am a citizen of Nigeria, a drummer and teacher in church, so yeah most of my writeups would definitely be on the christian section, though that doesn't mean it would be limited to that. This is actually not my first time coming to read.cash though, I joined read .cash around 2021 or there about, I tried my best to stay active back then, but there where so many things I had to deal with, then along the line my phone was stolen so I completely lost access to my account on read.cash. after getting a new phone I completely lost my passion to come back to read.cash simply cause I felt it was pretty difficult to earn here and I won't be able to cope with everything going on around me at the moment.

I don't really know what made me change my mind to give read.cash a try again, I guess I felt now would be the best time to start things over, have a new beginning and see where it leads. I am a pretty simple guy, when it comes to my favorite food, I don't have any, I simply eat what I feel like and it becomes my favourite for that period. I don't take acholic drinks, nor do I smoke,I guess that's pretty obvious due to the fact that am an active worker in the church. though a lot of persons make fun of me for not drinking but I don't let it get to me. There are times I do wonder how my life would have been by now if I had not grown up in the kind of family I did 🤔 well I guess we would never know.

For my hobbies, I love playing games, mostly the advantage types or games that has to do with magic, I enjoy reading, though my present job does not really give me the time to read like I use too, I am a drummer and when it comes to movies I don't joke with that, I watch all kinds of movies, ranging for Hollywood movies, Bollywood, japanese movies, animes, Chinese animes and so on. I think at this moment it would be wise to mention that though I am a movie lover, I try my best to watch movies that actually make sense or has a good and compelling plot. Am not really that much of the outing type, so if I am given the opportunity to choose between going out or staying indoors, I would most definitely pick the latter. The most important is that I have good movies, food and games and most importantly power supply, then am good to go.

For my job, it has always been my dream to be a graphic designer, I don't really have any professional training yet, but I do watch YouTube videos and study any material I come across. I hope to one day start up a graphic design company of my own. I know I still have a lot to learn so I am currently working with a small company that deals on photo editing, I believe this would be a great way to not only increase my skills with the use of Photoshop but also learn some management skills as to how to run a company and with time, pickup some professional courses. Below are some of my person designs.

For the things I hate, I actually hate being cheated or lied to, I hate it when people try to fool me, and I believe in doing to others what I expect others to do for me. I really do hope to learn from others here and most importantly earn along the way, but then again it would bring me great pleasure to know that my articles would touch one or two persons in a positive light along the way.

It's a fresh start and a new beginning for me, I hope it goes well... See y'all soon.

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