FOODlog #290: Filipino Brinjal Omelet 'Tortang Talong'

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3 months ago

The other day for lunch my Filipino colleague cooked a Filipino dish called 'Tortang Talong'. It's an omelet using eggs and cooked with brinjal that's roasted whole and the skin removed.

It starts with the brinjal that's roasted over fire until the skin blackens and blisters. It's then covered in a bowl with cling wrap so that the steam will help the process of removing it's skin.

In a bowl, some eggs are beaten and chilies, onions, and garlic that have been finely diced are added in together with some seasonings of salt and pepper. The brinjal is then dipped into the egg mixture then set on a flat top (or pan) to pan fry. Brown it on both sides and the brinjal omelet is done!

A simple dish but packed full of flavor and a prominent smokey aroma from the roasting of the brinjal. Super delicious and best eaten with rice.

We also bought some meat dishes from a nearby stall for our lunch and had it with the brinjal omelet and rice. Yums! ~~

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3 months ago


I love to eat tortang talong also. That is one of the famous meal here in the Philippines.

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3 months ago