FOODlog #289: My Daily Breakfasts as a Chef

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4 months ago

Often for breakfast we get to eat whatever we have that is extra from the cafe. Like not so pretty looking smoked salmon where it'll become scrap, we use them and repurpose them for our breakfast.

Sometimes I buy myself some food for my breakfast which I normally go for something on the cheaper side and that's budget friendly.

Here are some of the breakfasts I had the past week:

1. Fried Noodles (Mee Goreng)

This one is from a small roadside stall near the train station where I take the train to work. It's going for only RM2 (<50 cents USD) and it even comes with a sweet and spicy 'sambal' to go along with the noodles.

One of my comfort meals that I've been eating since I was in primary school and it's still one of my favorites. I don't eat this too often but whenever I do, it sure does satisfy.

2. Burgers

Budget burger patties made in a factory that are apparently chicken meat of which I'm not too sure. It does taste good though and this are one of the meals that we have for breakfast sometimes at the cafe to start the day.

3. Smoked Salmon Croissant

Every now and then we have leftover unsold croissants where we'll not be selling. We take these unsold croissants and repurpose them into our breakfast.

Here I used some scrap smoked salmon and sandwiched it in between the croissant with some tartar sauce for my breakfast. Super delicious and most of all saving food from going to waste.

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4 months ago


Perks of being a chef, you are able to cook yummy foods and taste it everytime 😋.

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4 months ago

Haha yes yes :D

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4 months ago