FOODlog #284: Local Eatery 'Bungkus KAW KAW'

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4 months ago

Recently there's a new shop that opened next to the cafe I work at called 'Bungkus Kaw Kaw'.

I've been wanting to try the food there as I've seen lines everyday since they opened but never get to as I myself am occupied serving people food at the cafe.

I managed to try their food the other day at another shopping mall where I met up with someone. We ordered a pack of 'mihun Siam' which is rice vermicelli noodles that's cooked with some Thai ingredients. It's just noodles and half a hard-boiled egg so nothing fancy but it's tasted really good.

Another item we got is their 'kuih tai tai' which is glutinous rice mixed with blue pea flower that gives it a blueish hue and topped with 'kaya' which is a sugar and eggs cooked until it becomes a spread, sort of like how you'd have jam made from fruits.

If you're on the go or want to eat something light, this is a good place to have your meal with some simple food and sweet 'kuih muih'.

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4 months ago


That looks very yummy to eat.

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4 months ago