FOODlog #282: Mushroom Duxelle

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4 months ago

Mushroom Duxelle is something we make at the cafe. It's for one of the sandwiches which we use the Duxelle as a spread on the bread before the other ingredients are added to make the sandwich.

Here's how you make mushroom Duxelle:

Use whatever fresh mushrooms you like. At the cafe we use 3 types of mushrooms - white button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and enoki mushrooms.

The oyster mushrooms are shredded by hand roughly and the button mushrooms are cut into quarters. The enoki stems at the bottom that has dirt are removed and all the mushrooms are ready to be roasted.

The mushrooms are mixed with minced garlic and oil then it's popped into a 180 degree oven for 5 minutes. If they aren't browned enough, add another 5 minutes and roast them longer.

Once they are browned and fragrant, remove them and blitz them in a food processor until they are finely minced.

Next comes the cooking. They are added into a pot with oil and Sautéed until they are browned and darken further. A wide shallow pan/pot would be better for this and will take lesser time to cook than a deep pot.

Once they are browned, add in milk and butter and cook for another 10 minutes.

It shouldn't be too watery and needs to be spreadable. If its too watery, just cook it longer.

The end result is an earthy and creamy spread that you can use on bread or season some meat or pimp up your eggs for breakfast. Super delicious but not without much labor of love put into it's preparation.

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