FOODlog #279: Wantan Noodles with Roasted BBQ Chicken and Fried Prawn Rolls

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4 months ago

After eating rice dishes for our lunches at the cafe, I decided to switch it up by cooking some wantan noodles for lunch. I went shopping at the supermarket located above our cafe and saw they had these ready made wantan egg noodles on sale.

I got a couple of packets and made a simple dry noodle dish with some sweet Chinese barbecue sauce chicken (Char Siew). I used a premix sauce for the sweet sauce but for the noodles I made a simple sauce using soy sauce, dark soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, and garlic oil.

After boiling in a pot some water, I steeped the noodles for about 1 minute in the boiling water then rinsed it in cold water to remove the starch and then back into the hot boiling water for 2 seconds and then it goes into the bowl with the sauce I made.

Mix it all together and the noodles are done. Garnish with some spring onions and it's ready to be served.

For the 'char siew' Chicken, I simply marinated the chicken with the sweet sauce and then roasted it in the oven at 220 degrees Celsius for 6-7 minutes. I used chicken tenders so it took this amount of time but if use chicken thighs or bone-in chicken, it'll take double the time.

I also deep fried some prawn rolls that were prawns wrapped in beancurd skin (taukan) and ate it with the noodles.

The noodles were Springy in texture and was so flavorful with the dark sweet and savory sauce I made. The garlic oil made all the difference giving it maximum aroma and flavor. A super delicious dish that's easy to prepare and cook. Yums! ~~

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