FOODlog #275: Beef Japanese Curry & Chive Dumplings

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4 months ago

For our staff meals at the cafe, we get to cook different cuisines and explore different food cultures. Since we pick what to cook, it's a wonderful experience that we get to experiment and try new types of food every other week.

It was my colleagues turn to cook and he picked Japanese cuisine. He cooked some Japanese curry with beef mince and carrots. The curry was a premix that we were trying out and it turned out delicious.

The curry was thick and creamy and full of very string beefy flavors. It paired really well with rice which we ate the curry with.

He also cooked some deep fried chive dumplings. He bought some frozen dumplings which are cook-ready and simply deep fried them in a 170 degree Celsius deep fryer with palm oil. It turned out golden brown and crispy on the outside and the chives inside were perfectly tender and cooked.

A simple meal and a little taste of Japanese food at where we work. Yums ~~

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4 months ago


I am now getting hungry because of that meal 😋.

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4 months ago