If i Liquidate my Altcoins Now - Will i Lose my Money?

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The Crypto Market is not for the weak and the fainted heart because it has major ups and downs. When it surges it will sky rocket but when its struck with a 10 pound hammer by the bears it will leave you with some heartaches and you will be left in a bad emotional state. That is why there is a saying which says  "Fortune Favors the Brave" and if you are not brave enough stay away.

When you embark on the Crypto investment journey you have to behave like someone who is in a roller coaster. When it starts rolling the speed will be thrilling and you have to hold on tight or else you will fly hard and not forgetting the speed also kills. When investing in the Cryptoverse make sure you use free money that you do not expect to use anytime soon and since its a risky investment make sure to use money that you can afford to lose. Some might think that the Crypto market always goes up but the true reality is when it falls many will lose their hard earned money.

How Do Crypto Investors Lose money in bearish Markets?

In the Forex Market it is claimed that about 10% only make money in the Forex markets and the remaining 90% lose money, the same thing happens with the Alt-coins. Not everyone is destined to be a millionaire in Cryptoverse because a lot of factors will determine. Normally when the Market is in the bearish wave and large institute are liquidating their positions the price will fall and the small retail investors will be affected heavily and they might think of buying the dip. When they buy the dip, sometimes it will go deeper again and they keep on getting into loses until they think of cutting their loses before they lose more.

The above chart is of SANDBOX and we can see that late last year SAND was super-bullish to the extend of rising from its all time low of $0.02894 and hit an all time high of $8.44 in about 21 day which is something that i have never seen since i started crypto investments.

Since SAND was skyrocketing i know i lot of investors jumped in and some of them jumped in when the momentum was about to slow down. Imagine someone who jumped in at $6, he is now sitting in a deep loss and we have seen that SAND fell about 61% from its all time high. So for someone who is soft hearted he might start thinking of selling his/her SAND in loss so that he cut his losses but doing so is a mistake. If you keep on holding you will never lose anything only the value will decrease but if you liquidate you will then be in loss. Its the same with yield Farming, you will get caught in permanent loss when you sell your Crypto Assets.

The only remedy to make it in the Cryptoverse is to HODL whatever Crypto Alt-coins you have. The Crypto winter always comes and go so do not be fooled by these crypto bloodbath and think you made a  wrong choice getting into Crypto. How you handle your losses will determine how you are gonna survive and also if you are gonna get to Lambo.

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This is a very clear explanations that stated about why crypto loses their money. and how everyone is getting richer and richer. hoping that somebody could guide me in this crypto world. Reading is always the best way to learn something

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yeah sure you get to learn new things thru reading and future experiences

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