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Who am I?

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4 months ago

Basic information about me that you need to know

Hello guys, I am a new user here, actually I joined a week ago. My username is Drickx Andrea, I mostly use this in all of my social media accounts, except ofcourse on the social media account that I am using for school and work purposes.

My age? I am currently 18 years old and will be turning 19 at the end of the day of September this year, that would be the last year of my teenage days.

Do you study? Yes! It is my main investment when I grow up and build my own future, I am currently studying in a college catholic school and I am taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, this upcoming school year 2021-2022 I would be a second year student.

Where do I live? I am keeping my specific address a private one but I am currently living in my hometown at a province, which is located at Luzon.

I think that these are the main basic information you should know about me.

Now, Shall we dig in deeper?

How did I found

I am a noiser, i came from I was introduced at noise cash in a facebook crochet group last week ago and people from also recommends readcash (especially if you can write a whole article) in this platform, so I joined in. I am a feature and sci-tech writer in our school newspaper and I competed with different schools back when I was in junior high. So, I am kind of confident with my writing skills because I won two times in competitions I joined.

screenshot of my profile in noisecash

What is the reason for your writing?

I'm not sure if it is right to share this to you guys, but honestly speaking, one of my main reasons is that I know that this platform can help me financially. Currently, I am a college student taking up Online Classes with the course accountancy. When I say online classes, I mean, pure online classes. Most of the time, we are joining classes online through zoom meetings and google meet. I am only using an android phone, in all of my online classes, and it was really hard, especially that the screen size of my phone is really small. Right now, I am only usinh my phone in making this article. So I am hoping that maybe, if I am a better writer in the soon future, I can afford to buy my own laptop and be much more productive in my online classes and even in making good quality content in here.

Another reason would be, I want to practice my mind, in writing, and I am also hoping that it can help my speaking skills even though I am just writing. This article making can exercise my mind, and can make me be creative, rather than just playing online games, finding partners online, wasting most of my time scrolling through my social media feed and being insecured everytime I see a pretty girl having the time of her life.

What are my hobbies?

I am a hobby stacker, I stak up hobbies and then leave them hanging. The feeling of leaving one hobby does not feel good you know, especially if you really wan to pursue that hobby but your body and your schedule say no. Somr of the hobbies I have before that I left already is:

  • Playing the guitar

  • Playing the melodica (which i planned to make my own youtube channel for tutorials)

  • Claying/Sculpting

  • Doing tricks in yoyo

  • Digital Art

  • Cosplaying

But here are some of the hobbies that I started and still is doing:

  • Crochet

crochet materials

Only one, haha, I am sorry, but I am having dillemas in my schedule, especially that I have online classes. I am gonna add in my stack pile the hobby of article writing, though my hands hurt evertime I type but I know that all of this would be worth it. Plus, I am able to let off some of my steam through writing, it relaxes my mind, this is like free therapy. I am like telling a story to a therapist and after I tell my stories my whole mind would be at peace and by that my day would be really productive after.

Can I write an article consistently in this platform?

Actually, It depends. If I have a really hectic schedule, then I won't be able to write, you know, I have to secure my future by doing good in college, gotta have that passing and qualifying grade!

It depends too, if my body would let me. There are times where I can't do a single thing, I feel bad every night if I think about how I spent my day doing nothing. But I can't help it, I can't find the motivation and the will to do the stufss I wanted to do within the day. But I am currently finding ways on how to remove this bad habit of mine, It really is a big hinder in pursuing my dreams.

However, Even though It actually depends on my schedule and my will to write, I will still do my best to be consistent, I'll try to write each day. Right now, It has been four or I think it is five, five days already since I published an article, now, that is not being consistent. So as a consequence of that, I will write five articles within the day, It is possible though, since I don't have much work to do and that I have lots of time in my hands this day.

What mostly would be your topics in the future articles that would be written by you?

It would be mostly about life, advices and such, personal experiences, personal stories, stories, poems, and even a diary like of what happened in my whole day. The topics would just be random, but I assure you that you readers will gain benefits in the future articles I'll be writing.

Closing Thoughts:

I am hoping that my journey in here would be really fun, and that I can gain friends, knowledge, new understanding from you guys! A week in here, and in noisecash, is really nice, no toxicity, no insecurities, some I envy, but I took that envy as a positive one to strive harder. I was able to interact with others and learn thing about them. Thank you very much for having me and for reading this article of mine about myself. Have a good day!

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Written by   8
4 months ago
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