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Long weekend and Mother's Day

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8 months ago

Hi everyone. It's quite common to hear and read certain greetings from children all around here in PH. Today is such a special day, for those who really took the responsibility of raising us with utmost love and care. The one who has and will always be there for us through the thickest and thin in life, abundance and struggles. And that is our Mother.

I feel so happy I'd get to have a simple celebration with my family on such a great day. It's the days of a long weekend and I really enjoy the luxury of a free time while getting to spend time with people I love.

Our day started simple,

Since it's Sunday, we woke up early and people in the house we're busy with themselves. I then proceeded in doing my laundry first while waiting for my turn to take a bath. Then, we ate breakfast and before 9AM came we already left for church. Today, we had a great message and we feel so blessed as we are leaving church and on our way back home. It reminded us to make us to make the best choices about the upcoming elections, which is tomorrow.

Then, as I am free since I've already finished my laundry, I went back to laying in bed as I won't be getting it more often for this week, haha. And I was back to scrolling in my social media and then late afternoon, I just decided to kill time and tried to watch the movie that I've downloaded yesterday. It turned great but it had a sad ending, not all endings are happy I guess.

And now, since it's already evening,

The kitchen just got busier, and I knew my mother is gonna prepare us some dinner.

We, me and my sister drove to town to buy ingredients for pancit and my Mother did proceed to cook it as soon as we reached home.

Pancit, the star of all occasions haha

She also marinated some chicken for barbecue earlier afternoon.

And now, we are about to enjoy our dinner now. I am blessed and happy that even in these simplest things. Though we find it a bit moment of silence because it had a blackout the entire time we had lunch, hahaha. When will this electric service provider ever give out reminders that there is an emergency blackout.

Now, even though,

I have not been the great son, just as my older brothers did, I am more than glad that God gave me a mother who is so understanding and full of wisdom in life. There's a certain point in my life that I've felt like I've almost become a good-for-nothing child, but she chose to continuously guide me into the good in life, even though she has been feeling upset with me already. I am so happy that she still supported me in my dreams as a took college. That's when I did my best, and I managed to graduate on time then pass my board Examination in just one take, thanks God.

Author's Note

This day may have seemed to be just an ordinary day all over the globe, but this day has meant a lot to us, as we dedicate it to that someone we are truly indebted with, our entire life. My mum has been the best thing that happened to me, and I will always be her youngest baby, even though I already near my silver year. I just hope that she won't tired of my rash decisions in life sometimes. I really wish that we are still together when I get more successful in life, and I hope time will grant that one wish in my heart.

I want to take this moment to say thank you for the support that you've given to me, my dear fellow readers.

And once again, I would want to greet a Happy Mother's Day to all of the loving Mother's and the ones who stood as the mothers out there, lots of love to all.

Lead image was taken from Unsplash

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Written by   56
8 months ago
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Happy mother's day to all our parents across the nation's of the earth, how I wish my mother is also alive to wish her a very good happy mother's day.

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8 months ago

Eherm! Pancit lang kuys oh. Dalawang plato po with calamansi. Hehe. Ayy ang demanding? Hahaha. We're not perfect children, but we're the main reason why our mothers are continuing to move forward and two steps ahead of us.

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8 months ago

Happy Mother's Day po sa mama mo.

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8 months ago