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How religion affects my life

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9 months ago

Good day my fellow readers. It's another day full of hope.

I am here once again, trying to share a bit of my ideas in life. And I want to take this opportunity to thank my ever supportive readers. I feel so overwhelmed lately, since Rusty has been making frequent visits and I hope it'll continue even more. Please take time in reading this, hope you'll enjoy it.

Now, what religious view do you have in life?

My parents have been Protestant Christians, specifically Pentecostal in their younger years. Meaning all of us have grown, in a household with a very high regard for the Almighty God. I am still thankful for the kind of lifestyle that it brought us, haha. Since our parents are dedicated to the teachings, we have grown to a strict kind of household. We grow up having so many don't in life. Other people might see someone like me as boring, but that's how I grow up.

So how religion affected my life?

Ever since I was a kid, it was always emphasized that children should obey their parents. In which, I grew up really doing my best not to disappoint my parents. I became self aware about not doing the don'ts that they have taught us. The lapse that I had in my childhood is when I became addicted to computer games, that even though they had reprimanded me multiple times, I'd still escape from our house and make ways to play on the computer shop. But as I grew older and in my senior years of High school, I eventually dropped that habit in order to better muster a good relationship with my parents. And I think my mother was so thankful to God for that, haha.

But as I grew older, I became more aware about how my faith has been doing wonders in my life. God has been blessing me all along especially when I took college, I barely knew anyone back then but still I was able to develop my relationships with other people and eventually graduated with lots of good friends in life.

My faith in God has brought me wonders in life I never knew I could ever accomplish. I was so hopeless back then since my group mates are not too cooperative, but still we managed to make it to our Final Defense for our Undergraduate Thesis. I was able to graduate College on time, when I thought my capabilities were still not enough.


What even wonderful, is that I passed my Licensure Examination in becoming a teacher with only a first try last Sept. 2019. I could remember that before and during the day of the examination I really prayed so hard to pass the exam because I don't want to fail and feel disappointment within my self. I even said to myself after I took the exam, Lord, I don't care if I get a barely passed rating, (75%) just don't let me retake this examination because I really find it so hard.

And 2 months later, on the day that I passed the LET, I felt of having dreamt 3 times that I had already passed my Board Examination. That is why, I really did not feel nervous about the results, rather I was excited to look for my name. And I really thanked God, and I was even screaming at that moment for joy that I am a step closer to my dreams, back then.

Author's Note

Religion has influence on how we live our lives, on a daily basis and how we see things, the good and bad. And I am certain that my Faith in God has brought me to heights of certain achievements I never thought I'd be able to acquire.

Still up to this day, I am so thankful that God always blesses me even in the smallest things. I am ever hopeful that my faith in him would certainly help me achieve the things I've been longing for in life.

Thanks for your time dear readers. This is my idea of how my religion played a role in my life, and certain that yours has done great things in your life as well.

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Written by   56
9 months ago
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Basta dako jud tag pagsalig sa ginoo wala juy imposible 🤗Ipadayon ang imong pagkabuotan sir ,bilib nalang jud kosga batan on nga same nimog huna-huna bitaw ,kanang naay taas og panahon sa ginoo kay ang uban mga batan on ron ,narag tutok anang ml nga mag puro raba jud panungo ,aguy nalang jud.

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9 months ago

Salamat kaayo te 😊 Salig lang gyud ta anis Ginoo kanunay. Bisan pas tanan natong kaagi sa kinabuhi 😁

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9 months ago