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Happy 4th to me. .

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8 months ago

Sometimes, even the smallest of things would become our greatest source of joy and happiness in life. I find joy in the company of my close friends and dear family. And I feel happy that despite all, I still get to enjoy life and that I was granted work temporarily. Despite feeling like a complete loser in the past, every small achievements make me feel such fulfillment in life, that I barely felt when I was growing up.

Cheers to my 4th month of staying here in read. I always look forward to grow even more, in this platform. It has given me chances in life, to make a passive income and new friends I'd never thought I'd ever have here.

Though I barely had new subscribers lately, I am still happy that even in my published posts that I had several absences, Rusty did find sometime to visit my works. Thank you very much green bot, for making me so happy. And I wanna say sorry to my friends here, I've not been able to read or write comments lately because I seemed busy these days, and I just feel really tired just every time I get home. I really do miss our endless replies in the comments, haha.

And now, it's been awhile. It's 4 days since I've last written.

Since our station at work is moved to a next town,

I could barely have time to write even if I wanted to, because I get so distracted from the tiredness that I felt in traveling back and forth back to where I'm currently staying. I even wanted to read and write comments at work but, I'd really get busy especially that last week, we were finalizing some of our reports for submission at the regional office of PSA.

Then, I went home yesterday, later in the afternoon as soon as I finished my duties.

It was then another tiring 2 hours drive home, from my home in the current town that I'm staying with. But rather, I am excited to go home this time since we'll be going out of town for a weekend. A friend from work also accompanied me, since this is his first time to tour around Southern Leyte.

We often mentioned about it,

But never had official plans with my friends since last year, so that every thing feels unplanned and that it will not get spoiled. And thank God, it didn't.

I woke up early, so that I could buy my share of food as my pledge for our little outing, and it was grilled pork. We had it cooked before we went our way to travel.

As soon as everything was set, we went our way earlier and came to our destination at 10AM in the morning. We were supposed to be at the beach but the one went to earlier was a total wreck as it was hit by Typhoon Odette. So we then proceeded to somewhere that has freshwater falls and pools. And luckily my friends enjoyed the place that I've suggested.

We've had our stay here for a awhile, and we have moved around trying to enjoy what the place has to offer. The falls, the pools of different depths, and the water itself is just so cold.

We really had a fun experience, but we went our way back at around 3PM at noon because we will be visiting another tourists spot at Liloan, So. Leyte.

This was also a fun experience, as we get to feel excited with the view around this area. The sea is just beautiful, with different shades of color. We surely had plenty of pictures here.

But after we got back from here,

We've had a short stop at town, and then went our way back to our home at 4:20 PM. And thanks God, we've reached home at 6:20PM so we had a travel time of roughly two hours.

Closing Thoughts:

I hope that this still counts as a great thing, I am so happy that I've been able to reach 4 months here in read and I get to share the great in my day for today. I am more than thankful to the platform as my savings here really helped me enjoy life lately. And I am also grateful that I had a great moment with friends.

Thanks for reading, hoping you enjoyed this one somehow.

Lead image was taken from Unsplash

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Written by   56
8 months ago
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Oy Happy 4 Months saiyo dito sa More months to come po. Hihi

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8 months ago

Thank you by. . . Means a lot, see you more often in the platform 😉

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8 months ago