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A scenic experience in an island

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8 months ago

Throughout our experiences in life, no matter how old we have become, we can't deny that certain things could still be our first in something. And that is what we can call an achievement for ourselves. And it can really makes us a bit happy and proud for ourselves.

As for me,

I am really thankful to my job for the newest firsts that I've experienced in life. And I know that this is something that one can rarely have an opportunity. Our last station for the National ID Registration takes place at a distant barangay and it is an island. Yes, an island and a local tourist attraction in town.

It was even the very first time that we've been able to to get ahead the login time, which is 8AM meaning we've arrived 1 hour earlier at 7AM.

We were so excited, and we immediately assembled along with my workmates near the shore to wait for our transport. Our Supervisors then made a follow-up to make sure our transport would be available for us, and it will not arrive too late.

Later on, we were able to be onboard our transport, it was a rubber boat with an engine, I didn't know about how it is called, haha.

And as I can remember, we departed from the main land shore at 8:02AM.

On our way to the island

I really cannot contain my excitement, as we feel the sea breeze with the rubberboat as it accelerates our way off to the island.

As I've said earlier, the destination that we are bound to arrive is one of the iconic "Cuatro Islas" wherein 3 islands including Apid is within the coast of Inopacan, Leyte while the other island the Himokilan Island is within the domain of Hindang, Leyte, a town we recently had our duty. And we were able to pass by the other 2 islands near Apid, and it is called the Mahaba and the more popular Digyo island. Although we could not see a closer look with the other islands, I can see from afar the its coastline is consisted of majestic white sand and even sandbars.

Ohh how I wish we were on a leisure trip, rather than a work travel, haha.

We arrived at the island at 9AM and it was so hot. As soon as we arrived at the island, we immediately looked for the venue for National ID registration. And I was able to register two children and since there were not a lot of clients, I went to the shores of the island just to gaze the majestic views of the island.

An hour before lunch,

I made sure to have a bit of a moment to feel the summer heat. I really loved the beaches as we are living in a rural area and it does not have any beaches nearby, only rivers.

The shores of Apid Island, Inopacan

The beach has such pristine waters, it just utterly beautiful, I really felt enchanted and in love with the surroundings.

I had a few snaps with myself, before having a quick dip. We know we won't stay here for long, so might as well capture some moments to have vibrant memories of what it feels to be in such a beautiful scenery.

It felt sunny,

Until we had lunch, that was when it started raining in the island. Since there were already no clients to cater in the afternoon, we prepared our stuff and waited for the rains to subside so that we can travel back to the mainland.

Our travels back was so fun because of the big waves, and then we became soaking wet as we reached the Town proper due to very heavy rains, haha.

But all in all, it was a worthy experience.

Closing Thoughts:

I never thought in my life that we would reach this kind of event. We only knew that we were there to do our job. But we made an extra mile to make it memorable. I can say that I truly was happy yesterday, and That I am so thankful to God for giving me a job, and a side happiness so unexpected that it felt so memorable and worth cherishing.

Thank you for your time, God bless my dearest supportive readers

All images were taken from my Phone

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Written by   56
8 months ago
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Waaah sobrang ganda naman jaan huhuhhuhu. Pupunta din kami ng beach sa July pa hahaha whole fam.

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7 months ago

Ang ganda. Ang puti ng buhangin at malinis din ang tubig. Namiss ko yung sa amin kasi ganyan din, maputi ang buhangin at clear talaga yung tubig kasi malinis

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8 months ago

Ang Ganda naman Dyan tsaka Ang puti Ng buhangin.

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8 months ago

Wooow ang ganda pagmasdan yong langit,,tapus ang linaw pa ng tubig sarap liguan

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8 months ago