Small step for [a] man and one giant leap for an island

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8 months ago

Not so long ago this map that you see here didn't contain a single green dot. Now at least 6.

Cuba on

Trying to persuade or convince people here to use cryptos and specifically bitcoincash as a payment method is something really complicated (as in many other places, i guess), as in many other places, people like money but have no idea -what money is-, it's something that is not popularly taught; and as in many other places, here too many think that it is the piece of paper issued by the central bank controlled by the government which allows you to trade and acquire certain products and services. Fiat money is pure and hard socialism, in its most authentic form, it discourages saving and the only way to save wealth seems to be to invest (with the risks that this brings when you are not a friend of jerome powell or too big to fail) or put the money in the banks at the cost of obtaining some return. It is there where the government likes to see money, well in its sight and control; but most of the people who see this fraud seem to have no choice but to opt for these paths and resign themselves to it, after all, fighting against the leviathan is an almost assured defeat, well, maybe i should say it seemed because instead of fight the monster now we could starve it to death. Thanks to Satoshi's ingenuity, today we have a disruptive technology in a field whose technology has become obsolete, perpetuating itself only by the work and grace of the governmental brute force that limits and restricts -which is money and which is not-, "all for our own good of course, to protect us from the evil that exists in the world".

I am a software developer and for some time, due to things in life, I found my purpose as a human being, among other things, it is what makes me go to bed late and get up early every day. Since I got to know bitcoin and then bitcoincash (the real one) I have done nothing but get closer to this world every day, like a black hole against which it is impossible to fight once you enter its range of gravitational attraction, It was the node that connected to a great extent everything that I liked or had as a hobby, the economy, liberal ideas, technology, programming, among many other and various things. Since then and whenever I have the time, I dedicate myself to trying to explain bitcoin (BCH) to the people around me who are interested and curious. From there came the idea of creating a helper app to make the adoption of BCH easier here.

view of the payment helper app to private business on Cuba

It helps current and future businesses :fingers crossed: to accept payments in BCH taking into account the informal rate (the one that is handled in the street between pairs) of exchange of the CUP/USD. It is in its latest version and thanks to all the help and tutoring from @jimtendo (a crack) it now allows you to generate payment QRs and notify that the payment has been received. With this objective achieved but without stopping to continue improving and adding new features to the helper app (which, after all, programming is what I like the most) i want to spend more time teaching about bch and enlarge the BCH community in my country, it's a complex job but it puts a little smile on my face every time i think of mass adoption of bitcoincash or remember the intro of TheBitcoinCashPodcast in the part that says -we are coming for you banks!-. Perhaps it is not us and the next generations are the ones who fully enjoy everything we are doing to improve this free money in one way or another, these will be generations much more prosperous and less fearful of freedom.

Without further ado, a warm greeting to the entire BCH community that in good faith promotes and improves bitcoin as it was conceived: a p2p electronic cash.

PS: I have written down a lot of ideas for new features to the helper and i think if there is interest that it can be used in any country and not only in Cuba.

helper app download link:

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Tell us more 🙏. How does the app help people? Who are the target users?

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8 months ago

The app is an alternative to bitcoincash register app, with the develpment of this one i'm trying to fix the problems i've identified private business has when trying to receive payments using bch here, since like in argentina there is an informal exchange rate to the cup/usd pair and another imposed by govertment this was an issue if register was used among other things for ex: the option to stablish a discount amount to incentive people pay in bch, ability to select exchange rates from differents APIs, etc... Thanks for the question and thanks for the tip

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8 months ago